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Two Weeks: Psych/Garage Rock

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Psych / Garage Rock

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When I Was Young: The MGM Recordings 1967-1968 (5xCD box set + booklet + poster)
Cat: ECLEC 52700. Rel: 19 Feb 20
  1. Winds Of Change (CD1: Winds Of Change (1967))
  2. Poem By The Sea
  3. Paint It Black
  4. The Black Plague
  5. Yes, I Am Experienced
  6. San Franciscan Nights
  7. Man - Woman
  8. Hotel Hell
  9. Good Times
  10. Anything
  11. It's All Meat
  12. When I Was Young (bonus track)
  13. A Girl Named Sandoz (bonus track)
  14. Ain't That So (bonus track)
  15. Gratefully Dead (bonus track)
  16. Anything (single version - bonus track)
  17. Monterey (CD2: The Twain Shall Meet (1968))
  18. Just The Thought
  19. Closer To The Truth
  20. No Self Pity
  21. Orange & Red Beams
  22. Sky Pilot
  23. We Love You Lil
  24. All Is One
  25. Sky Pilot (part 1 - bonus track)
  26. Sky Pilot (part 2 - bonus track)
  27. Monterey (mono single version - bonus track)
  28. White Houses (CD3: Every One Of Us (1968))
  29. Uppers & Downers
  30. Serenade To A Sweet Lady
  31. The Immigrant Lad
  32. Year Of The Guru
  33. St. James Infirmary
  34. New York 1963 - America 1968
  35. White Houses (single version - bonus track)
  36. River Deep, Mountain High (CD4: Love Is (1968))
  37. I'm An Animal
  38. I'm Dying, Or Am I?
  39. Ring Of Fire
  40. Coloured Rain
  41. To Love Somebody
  42. As The Years Go Passing By
  43. Gemini
  44. The Madman (Running Through The Fields)
  45. River Deep, Mountain High (single version - bonus track)
  46. Winds Of Change (CD5: Winds Of Change (1967) - mono)
  47. Poem By The Sea (mono)
  48. Paint It Black (mono)
  49. The Black Plague (mono)
  50. Yes, I Am Experienced (mono)
  51. San Franciscan Nights (mono)
  52. Man - Woman (mono)
  53. Hotel Hell (mono)
  54. Good Times (mono)
  55. Anything (mono)
  56. It's All Meat (mono)
 in stock $35.61
Hollow (CD)
Cat: FC 125CD. Rel: 14 Feb 20
  1. Hollow World
  2. Darker Time, Darker Space
  3. The Court & Jury
  4. Land Of Dead
  5. Keep The Light Alive
  6. We Cry For Harmonia
  7. Harmonia
  8. I See You
  9. The Clampdown
  10. Fox On The Run
  11. House On Fuire
  12. A Way Home
 in stock $10.37
Cat: REACTOR 03CD. Rel: 20 Feb 20
  1. Black Sun (CD 1)
  2. This Is Where You End
  3. Fever Knife
  4. Torched
  5. Fade Out
  6. Pulse
  7. A Vision Stain
  8. Got To Get It Over
  9. Black Sun (CD 2 - Feedback - Fade Out Session)
  10. Torched (original mix - Fade Out Session)
  11. Got To Get It Over (Fade Out Session)
  12. This Is Where You End (House In The Woods demo)
  13. Pulse (John Peel Session)
  14. This Is Where You End (John Peel Session)
  15. Collision (John Peel Session)
  16. I (Fade Out Guitar Loops)
  17. II (Fade Out Guitar Loops)
  18. III (Fade Out Guitar Loops)
  19. IV (Fade Out Guitar Loops)
  20. V (Fade Out Guitar Loops)
 in stock $13.29
Cat: REACTOR 01CD. Rel: 20 Feb 20
  1. Soundhead
  2. Straight To Your Heart
  3. Forever
  4. Heaven's End
  5. Too Real To Feel
  6. Fix To Feel
  7. Head On
  8. Carry Me
  9. Rocket USA (mix 3)
  10. Soundhead
  11. Head On
  12. Soundhead
  13. Straight To Your Heart
  14. Rocket USA
 in stock $10.37
Cat: HVNLP 176CD. Rel: 28 Feb 20
  1. Come Down On Jupiter
  2. Rapid I
  3. Memoirs Of Miso
  4. Bobbi's Second World
  5. Whilst The Flowers Look
  6. The Square Eyed Pack
  7. 7th Dynamic Goo
  8. A Material Mistake
  9. Euro Borealis
  10. Space Samba (Disco Volador Theme)
Review: It's hard to believe The Orielles are still so young when you consider their position as mainstays of British alternative indie-surf-rock-pop business. Then you remember how they grabbed attention while still in school, bursting from the former mill town of Halifax, West Yorkshire, to widespread acclaim, and refused to look back since. On "Disco Volador" they show just how much versatility they've mastered along the way. "Bobbi's Second World", for example, is plucked straight from the Tom Tom Club playbook - funk fuelled, good time mayhem. "Whilst The Flowers Look" is more in line with the stuff that first won everyone over, although perhaps more complex. "A Material Mistake" ushers in siren-like moodiness, underlaid with guitar licks and warm strings to combat the icier sections. Those who think pop music needs more ideas might want to take note.
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 in stock $10.37
Cat: REX 159. Rel: 25 Feb 20
  1. The Sound Inside
  2. Electricity On Wax
  3. Shapeshifter
  4. Covered In Dawn
  5. Lady Of The Woods/Psychonaut
  6. Nile Song
  7. A Penny's Worth
  8. Eunice
 in stock $10.62
Cat: 775796 0. Rel: 14 Feb 20
  1. One More Year
  2. Instant Destiny
  3. Borderline
  4. Posthumous Forgiveness
  5. Breathe Deeper
  6. Tomorrow's Dust
  7. On Track
  8. Lost In Yesterday
  9. Is It True
  10. It Might Be Time
  11. Glimmer
  12. One More Hour
Review: Kevin Parker is a real enigma of a musician. The brains behind the rightly celebrated and ever-surprising Tame Impala, he's never one for delivering quite what you expect, while still understanding that one of the most important things in music is striking a balance between the familiarity disciples need, and the expressive exploration that can prick the ears of the previously uninitiated.

Album number four, "The Slow Rush", certainly adopts a different outlook to previous undertakings. It also more than lives up to its name. It's smooth, tripped out (perhaps not so surprising on the latter front) and strikingly void of those highs that seem to offer the aural equivalent to some opiate-amphetamine blend. But we don't miss out. Instead, we're given permutations of soul, prog rock and acid house, perhaps making for the most expansive record this guy has been responsible for.
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 in stock $10.37
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Two Weeks: Psych/Garage Rock