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Stuck On The Border (140 gram double vinyl 12")
Cat: FN 007. Rel: 18 Sep 17
  1. Stuck On The Border
  2. Downfall
  3. Ruse
  4. The Wanderer
  5. Time Trap
  6. Delusion Schedule
  7. Restless Legs
  8. Dub & Out
Review: Hailing from the fertile community they have built up around them in Bucharest, Delusion Men and their label Future Nuggets represent a very different twist on the contemporary Romanian electronic music scene. This album is a prime case in point, dealing in off-kilter wavey synths, intriguing rhythmic approaches and spooked out atmospheres that speak as much to the folkloric mystery of the East as any electronic traditions from other parts of the world. If you're drawn to music that sends you to exotic new places on the fringes of your imagination, then Stuck On The Border is the album for you.
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Cat: SUCTION 027. Rel: 27 Oct 14
  1. Elephant Generators (Chris Carter remix)
  2. Burn The Tables (Orphx remix)
  3. Quantimations (Bronze Teeth remix)
  4. King Vincent (Martial Canterel remix)
Review: Toronto label Suction return to New Ways, the latest LP from co-founder Jason "Solvent" Amm which was released earlier this year with an EP of remixes from some high grade artists. In original form New Ways was the soundtrack to I Dream Of Wires, the excellent documentary on modular synthesis, and was one of those rare LPs that's equally suited for the dancefloor and home listening. Here the likes of Chris Carter, Orphx, Bronze Teeth and Martial Canterel are let loose on the LP and there's a clear arc in intensity over the four remixes. As you'd expect "Burn The Tables" (Orphx remix) is totally suited to peak time techno deployment where as the three other revisions that sit either side take Solvent into more contemplative and abstract territory - the Bronze Tooth take being our favourite.
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Played by: Marcel Heese
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New Ways: Addendum (clear vinyl 12" + sticker limited to 80 copies)
Cat: SUCTION 031CLEAR. Rel: 18 Mar 16
  1. King Vincent (Wrangler remix) (4:03)
  2. Sender (Interval remix) (3:44)
  3. Wow (1:57)
  4. Clustering (4:37)
  5. Hadron (4:25)
  6. Subharmonics (edit) (4:10)
Review: Clear Edition: If you've seen the Modular synth documentary I Dream of Wires, you'll have been suitably impressed with the soundtrack provided courtesy of Suction Records boss Solvent. Whilst there was a double LP edition of the soundtrack, it didn't feature all the music Solvent had recorded for the documentary. That has now been remedied as Suction lay out this limited addendum 12" (available in three different colours of vinyl) consisting of previously digital only cuts and some fresh remixes. The DJs out there will be happy to see techno cut "Hadron" make the 12" upgrade, whilst the remix of "King Vincent" from Wrangler (featuring Cabaret Voltaire founder Stephen Mallinder) is equally floor-focused. Do check the other remix, of "Sender", which sees Todd Sines adopting his Interval alias for some unsettling modular sonics!!
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Cat: MG 74003. Rel: 05 Dec 16
  1. Fat Ribz - "Household Appliances Go To Mars In A Laundry Basket" (5:37)
  2. JC3 - "What You Want" (6:14)
  3. Dretraxx & Psalm - "Body Worx Theme" (5:44)
  4. Motwon - "Buy This New Record" (6:09)
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Cat: RS 99. Rel: 24 Nov 15
  1. Vision Heat Logotone #2 (1:05)
  2. Tonight's The Night (1:43)
  3. Beatin' The Heat On The Street (3:07)
  4. Metro Beat (2:15)
  5. A Delicate Love (1:29)
  6. Program Default (3:34)
  7. Manhunter (3:39)
  8. Patrick's Theme (2:36)
  9. The Boogie Man (2:23)
  10. Final Flight Excerpts 1-4 (2:58)
  11. Access (2:54)
  12. Airstrike (1:25)
  13. Gummy On The Beach (3:02)
  14. Slogovia's Theme (0:58)
  15. In Cab Reflections (1:15)
  16. The Camera Loves You (2:33)
  17. Starman End Credits (3:06)
  18. Our Hero's Return (1:33)
Review: Jefre Cantu-Ledesma and Maxwell August Croy's Root Strata present this retro inspired imaginary soundtrack, by the Vision Heat project of California-based musician Jared Blum. Said to be "inspired by countless soundtrack compilations and blog mixes of rare, foreign library and VHS music" as well as John Carpenter (naturally!) and Tangerine Dream. There's twenty odd tracks on offer here but they're all quite short, clocking in or around the three minute mark and all appropriate for various scenes. There's the beatless instrumentals for the rolling of the credits ("Vision Heat Logotone #2, "Manhunter"), moments of suspense ("Tonight's The Night", "Final Flight Excerpts 1-4") and of course the love scenes ("A Delicate Love" or "In Cab Reflections"). But it's the scenes at the disco that some might enjoy the most, such as the cheesy and funky "Beatin' The Heat On The Street", the Giorgio Moroder style cosmic disco of "Patrick's Theme" or the rebellious synthpop of "Slogovia's Theme". An impressive and convincing homage to a decade of decadence.
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Promotions: Electro