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Promotions: Techno (All)

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Vonal (CD)
Cat: APEW 1CD. Rel: 11 May 15
  1. Volan 1
  2. Volan 2
  3. Volan 3
  4. Volan 4
  5. Volan 5
  6. Volan 6
  7. Volan 7
  8. Volan 8
  9. Volan 9
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Love (CD single)
Cat: TUMCDR 5. Rel: 18 Jun 07
  1. Nyacid
  2. Coolio
  3. S1 Part
  4. Hardelectro
  5. Why?
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Centrum (CD)
Cat: 50WEAPONCD 17. Rel: 02 Mar 15
  1. Where
  2. Composer
  3. Fire Woman
  4. Excluding Natalia
  5. SAC
  6. Each Other
  7. Oez
  8. At The Mirror
  9. 0 To 1
  10. I Ride
Review: Parisian producer Bambounou has long been part of the 50 Weapons family, having offered up a series of well-received singles and a debut album for the label since 2012. Centrum is his second LP, and sees him in a typically inventive mood, offering up a range of techno tracks blessed with curiously off-kilter rhythms, crackly found sounds, tumbling melodies and jumpy electronics. While there are dancefloor moments - see the Detroit-influenced, outer-space grooves of "Fire Woman", spiraling psychedelia of "S.A.C" and the kickdrum-propelled thump of "Excluding Natalia" - many of the more potent moments are far more influenced by IDM and ambient.
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Played by: Philou Louzolo
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 in stock $7.79
Cat: TRANS 195. Rel: 25 May 15
  1. Bleach
  2. SPS 7
  3. DARE
  4. Only In Real
  5. Tokyo
  6. Comets Pull
  7. Tibetan Moves
  8. The Deal Set Adrift
  9. Rude
  10. Kick Flip
  11. Pure Apparition
  12. Main Station Cables
$9.04 SAVE 20%
 in stock $7.23
  1. Intro
  2. State Of Emergency
  3. Maybe 1 Day (feat Tony Coates)
  4. Child's Play (Lil Strick mix)
  5. Fear No Fear (feat Don Q)
  6. A Soldier's Story
  7. War Dance
  8. Under Tone
  9. Bar Room Brawl
  10. What Up Doe (Omar S remix)
  11. Yllabian Dogfight
  12. 100% Hustler
  13. Buckle Up
  14. Final Hour
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 in stock $0.98
Cat: ECHOSPACELIVE 002CD. Rel: 05 May 14
  1. Track 1
  2. Track 2
  3. Track 3
  4. Track 4
  5. Track 5
  6. Track 6
  7. Track 7
  8. Track 8
  9. Track 9
  10. Track 10
Review: Echospace's Steven Hitchell is no stranger to live albums; this is his third live recording under the CV313 alias. Recorded in August 2013 at the Primary club night in Chicago, it sees the dub techno explorer laying down an hour long voyage into densely layered, multi-textured techno minimalism. While fans will recognise some loops and elements from previous releases, the ten tracks are almost new compositions; hypnotic, undulating excursions where elements drift in and out of the mix, only to return in newly processed form later in the CD. The result is warm, atmospheric and intoxicating exploration of live dub techno from one of the sound's most influential producers.
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 in stock $11.67
Cat: LR 043. Rel: 29 Sep 14
  1. Human Voice
  2. Fringes Of Focus (instrumental)
  3. If I Stay A Minute
  4. Bike Path
  5. Foraya
  6. Connections
  7. Bay Loop
  8. Ashby
Review: Postal Service member Jimmy Tamborello has always had a knack for manipulating sound. Sometimes, this has meant subverting accepted genres - lo-fi rock, for example, or IDM. At others, his approach is much more melodious, mixing skewed sounds and popping electronic rhythms with elements of pop. Human Voice, his first album in two years, continues in the latter vein. By and large, it's a thoroughly positive affair, with cheery electronic melodies and cut-up, pitched down vocal samples riding cheeky rhythms and slack-tuned drums. As a result, Human Voice is hard to pin down, being neither straight up ambient or IDM. Regardless, it's a wonderfully evocative and entertaining set.
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Cat: MACROM 41CD. Rel: 11 May 15
  1. Circle One
  2. Circle Two
  3. Acid Bonus
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Die Mulde (CD)
Cat: MGART 301. Rel: 29 Sep 08
  1. Schopferische Stille
  2. Die Mulde
  3. Die Spiegel
  4. Zerfluss
  5. Hp Little Cry
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 in stock $13.63
Cat: ECHOSPACE 3138. Rel: 11 Sep 17
  1. Amongst The Stars (Intrusion extended dub)
  2. Amongst The Stars (CV313 Submersion)
  3. Amongst The Stars (CV313 Immersion dub)
  4. Amongst The Stars (CV313 Disintegration dub)
  5. Amongst The Stars (Variant Etherscape)
Review: With Rod Modell putting the finishing touches to his next Deepchord album (due for release later in the year on Soma), Echospace partner Stephen Hitchell took the opportunity to record a new solo set of his own under the lesser-known Intrusion alias. "Amongst The Stars", a beguiling, 21-minute chunk of soft-focus dub techno smothered in spacey analogue electronics and the distant sound of traffic, is taken from that forthcoming album. Here, Hitchell's fine "Extended Dub" comes accompanied by a trio of varied but typically atmospheric translations from CV313 (AKA Hitchell and Modell), of which the astonishingly deep "Distintegration Dub" is probably our pick. On the second CD, Hitchell dons his ambient alias, Variant, and delivers an absorbing, CD-length "re-shape" that's as entrancing as it is quietly picturesque.
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 in stock $22.64
Hhologram (CD)
Cat: KKCD 0100. Rel: 02 Nov 15
  1. Chaos
  2. Look
  3. White Flower
  4. Prison
  5. Raining Eyes
  6. Underwater
  7. Hhologram
  8. Showy Dress
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Expensive Cuts (CD + DVD + book)
Cat: VNY 1. Rel: 02 Dec 13
  1. Woman That Melted
  2. Boys Weekend
  3. Recipe
  4. Over It
  5. ZDS (Zyklon Des Spiegels)
  6. Woman That Melted (DVD)
  7. Boys Weekend
  8. Recipe
  9. Over It
  10. ZDS (Zyklon Des Spiegels)
Review: Describing Man Is A Rope as not a band, but rather a process, New York-based producer and song writer Evan T.Q. Kreeger surfaces with one of this year's more interesting releases in the shape of Expensive Cuts. Arriving on the newly formed Variance New York label, Expensive Cuts is a five track collection complemented by DVD and book and presents Man Is A Rope as a modern day counterpart to bands such as The Cabs, Coil, A Certain Ratio and the primitive electronics that inspired Karl O'Connor so much. The Downwards boss features here on the opening track "Woman That Melted", an abstracted version of O'Connor's Sandra Electronics project that sets the tone for what follows.
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Planets (CD)
Cat: SV 08. Rel: 06 Feb 17
  1. Warmer (unreleased version)
  2. Goodbye Last Snow (Love Sprockets dub)
  3. Space Ball
  4. May Purpose
  5. Positron Fly
  6. Unison
  7. Range Variant
  8. Dream Of You
Review: On this fine compilation, Sergey Barkalov has decided to showcase the dub techno side of his Mr Cloudy output. Bar a couple of previously unheard versions, all of the tracks were previously featured on limited edition, hard-to-find 12" singles. Although there are a couple of scratchy, experimental workouts, for the most part the tracks featured on Planets are far more melodious and ear catching than you'd perhaps expect. Barkalov's interpretation of the dub techno blueprint is a little looser than some of his contemporaries, with numerous ear pleasing electronic elements complimenting the heavy basslines and hazy sonic textures. It's these subtle tweaks, not to mention his impeccable production skills, that makes Planets such an enjoyable listen.
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Outlander (CD)
Cat: SV 06. Rel: 31 Oct 16
  1. Outlander II
  2. CP II
  3. OR1
  4. OR2
  5. OR3
  6. OR4 (redux)
  7. Transport Under The Clouds
$16.75 SAVE 40%
 in stock $10.05
  1. Intro
  2. Shaman
  3. Mystic Days
  4. Lava
  5. Connected To What Could Be Multi-Dimension
  6. Plain Sexy
  7. Passing Out To Others
Review: Canadian techno adventurer Jean-Patrice Remillard has long been admired for his unusual approach to spaced-out minimalism, where organic sounds and curious samples form the backbone of his glitchy, undulating rhythms. These are much in evidence at Gazing at the Midnight Mist, a live recording of his set at Montreal's answer to Sonar, Mutek. Predictably, there's much to admire, from the music box melodies and sparse African drums of "Intro", and the dubwise, psychedelic techno pulse of "Mystic Days", to the intoxicating density and shuffling rhythms of "Connected to What Could Be Multi-Dimension", and dreamy, intergalactic feel of "Passing Out To Others".
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Planet Conquerors EP (limited numbered CD)
Cat: SAUR 011. Rel: 22 Jul 13
  1. Kumaras City
  2. Kumaras City (A Guy Called Juno Laine remix)
  3. Slave To The Aliens
  4. Halac Uinic Of Palenque
  5. Transatlantic Theory
  6. Marcahuasi Secret
  7. Geomantic Information Systems
  8. Nefilim Ballad
Review: Cosmic soldier Qubrique debuts on the limited run Sauroid imprint with the vintage 'ardcore meets electro sounds of Planet Conquerors. Inspired by the likes of Maurice Joshua, Altern 8, Shades Of Rhythm, Todd Terry, Johnny Vicious, T99, Frank De Wulf and Tyree Cooper, this eight track selection from Qubrique (pronounced in a similar way to Kubrick) is apparently dedicated to mysteries related to aliens on Earth, as Mexican city of Palenque or ancient Peruvian place Marcahuasi. Given these inspirations, it's not surprising that Planet Conquerors is defiantly retro leaning from the off with "Kumaras City" brimming with rave sirens and breakbeats. A 303 tweaking remix from A Guy Called Juno Laine follows before Qubrique returns to helm the rest of an enjoyable disjointed jaunt through rough house and techno.
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Panonija (CD)
Cat: MTCD 011. Rel: 24 Nov 14
  1. Ronin
  2. Fractal
  3. Prozivka
  4. I'll Be Your
  5. Club Door
  6. Space Nomad
  7. Folklore
  8. Evolving
  9. Battleground
  10. From Afar
  11. In Detroit
$19.06 SAVE 80%
 in stock $3.81
Vortexual Element 6 (limited CD)
Cat: VORTEX CD6. Rel: 17 Apr 17
  1. Vortexual [Element Six]
$19.62 SAVE 30%
 in stock $13.74
Vortexual Element 7 (limited CD)
Cat: VORTEX CD7. Rel: 17 Apr 17
  1. Vortexual [Element Seven]
$19.06 SAVE 30%
 in stock $13.34
  1. DDO - "Top Of The Chart" (Jack Floyd 2015 remix)
  2. Disco Infinity - "Disco Infinity" (Lawyer & Commerical Agents 2015 remix)
  3. Dual Detune - "Just Disturbed Guys" (Mario Piu 2015 remix)
  4. Platinum - "My Mind Is Going" (Pas Cam 2015 remix)
  5. ONE - "Critical Breath" (Paul Of Paper 2015 remix)
  6. Only Noise - "Tema Di Mose'" (Lucero En Vivo Emotional 2015 remix)
  7. Ste Lo J - "Patchwork Planet" (Jack Floyd 2015 remix)
  8. Alien Waters - "Mystic Voices" (Andrea Verona 2015 re edit)
  9. Disco Infinity - "Fly Away" (feat Josi - Maskmada Mystic 2015 remix)
  10. ONE - "Critical Breath" (Lime feat Elektoshit Dream 2015 remix)
  11. Disco Infinity - "Escape From 1984" (bonus track)
  12. DDO - "Top Of The Chart" (Password mix)
  13. Disco Infinity - "Disco Infinity" (Mix 3)
  14. Dual Detune - "Just Disturbed Guys" (Mario Piu Range mix)
  15. Platinum - "My Mind Is Going" (Infinity mix)
  16. ONE - "Critical Breath" (Experimental mix)
  17. Only Noise - "Tema Di Mose'"
  18. Ste Lo J - "Patchwork Planet" (Gallo mix)
  19. Alien Waters - "Mystic Voices"
  20. Disco Infinity - "Fly Away" (feat Josi - Mystic instrumental)
  21. ONE - "Critical Breath" (Dream mix)
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Techno Box (4xCD (CD 1, CD 2 unmixed, CD 3, CD 4 mixed))
Cat: MUS 40592. Rel: 03 Aug 15
  1. Sven Vath - "Dein Schweiss" (Thomas P Heckmann remix)
  2. Malaria - "Klares Kaltes Wasser" (Chicks On Speed mix)
  3. Legowelt - "Disco Rout" (Johannes Heil remix)
  4. Alter Ego - "Rocker" (original)
  5. Spektrum - "Freakbox" (Alter Ego remix)
  6. Elektrochemie LK - "Schall" (Thomas Schumacher remix)
  7. T Raumschmiere - "Monstertruckdriver"
  8. Freaks - "The Creeps" (Steve Bug remix)
  9. John Starlight - "Zauberstab Der Liebe" (Johannes Heil mix)
  10. Azzido Da Bass - "Dooms Night" (Pascal FEOS Treatment mix)
  11. Oliver Koletzki - "Der Munckenschwarm" (Dominik Eulberg remix)
  12. Underworld - "Born Slippy Nuxx"
  13. Steve Bug & DJ T - "Monsterbaze"
  14. Ellen Allien - "Stadkind"
  15. Takbam - "Elektronische Tanzmusik"
  16. Villalobos - "Easy Lee"
  17. Dance Fever - "Out On The Dancefloor" (Las Americas mix)
  18. Kotai - "Sucker DJ" (original mix)
  19. Hardfloor - "Mr Anderson"
  20. Steve Bug - "Loverboy"
  21. Barbarella - "Barbarella II" (album version)
  22. Dominik Eulberg - "Tigerkralle"
  23. DJ Minupren - "My Logic"
  24. Marcel Cousteau - "U Know What" (Kaoz & S Ewe remix)
  25. Krischmann & Klingenberg - "Halt Die Fresse"
  26. Leo Laker vs Tomash Gee - "For The Drugs"
  27. DJ Bam Bam - "Base Bangin'" (Jamie Bissmire mix)
  28. Sven Wittekind - "Invidia"
  29. Arkus P - "Halo"
  30. Sven Wittekind - "Avaritia"
  31. Robert Natus & Arkus P - "76 Violin"
  32. Krischmann & Klingenberg - "Kauf Nen Kauf"
  33. Felix Krocher - "A Marked Preference For Hardtechno"
  34. Arkus P - "Indian Love"
  35. Tobias Luke aka OBI - "Drugged Drummer"
  36. Jean The Ripper - "Across The Stars"
  37. We Get So Strong (Strobed N Stoned studio live mix)
  38. Lord Of The Thieves (Strobed N Stoned studio live mix)
  39. Big Brother (Strobed N Stoned studio live mix)
  40. Gen 110 (Strobed N Stoned studio live mix)
  41. Bitch Slapper (Strobed N Stoned studio live mix)
  42. Sick Shit (Strobed N Stoned studio live mix)
  43. In The Name Of ... (Strobed N Stoned studio live mix)
  44. Standard (Strobed N Stoned studio live mix)
  45. Tune Up Your Titties (Strobed N Stoned studio live mix)
  46. Deep Drive (Strobed N Stoned studio live mix)
  47. Wir Mussen Noch (Strobed N Stoned studio live mix)
  48. I Like That (Strobed N Stoned studio live mix)
  49. Softporn (Strobed N Stoned studio live mix)
  50. Spider Wars (Strobed N Stoned studio live mix)
  51. Kissed By Hell (Strobed N Stoned studio live mix)
  52. Running Up That Hill (Strobed N Stoned studio live mix)
  53. Kanzler (Strobed N Stoned studio live mix)
  54. Show Me Pink (Strobed N Stoned studio live mix)
  55. Endmotion (Strobed N Stoned studio live mix)
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Promotions: Techno (All)

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