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Grado DJ100i Cartridge & Stylus (pair)
Grado DJ100i Cartridge & Stylus (pair) (cartridge & stylus (pair))
Cat: 492908 Rel: 01 Jan 90
Notes: Hi-Fi specialists Grado specialise in rich warm and unique sounding audio equipment. The Grado DJ100i is built and designed to meet the demanding needs of the professional DJ. These cartridges deliver performance never known before in the pro DJ market. The Grado specially engineered transmission line cantilever allows for the ideal transfer of music signal and for safe and effective stylus back-cueing. The prestige model DJ100 uses a 3-piece otl cantilever technology, oxygen free wire in the coils and a specially designed, high polished, diamond mounted in a brass bushing. For possibly, the most advanced DJ cartridges ever offered to the professional DJ market.
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 1 in stock $190.91
Kyowa Stanton 500AL Replacement Stylus For 500, 505 & 520 Cartridge (pair)
Notes: The Kyowa Stanton 500AL is suitable for replacement for Stanton D5100AL, D5100AL Mk2, D5107AL, D5107AA styluses. Fits Stanton cartridges 500A, 500AA, 500AL, 500AL Mk2, 500E, 505SK, 505SK2, 520SK.
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 1 in stock $12.91
Numark CC1RS Replacement Stylus For CC1 Scratch Perverts Cartridge (pair)
Notes: The Numark CC-1 is highly versatile cartridge, suitable for every DJ style.

Featuring the ideal combination of high output and superior tracking, the Numark CC-1 lets you spin or scratch with consistent quality and fidelity. With a sleek design that is robust and easy to handle, the Numark CC-1 offers the versatile DJ superior performance in every situation.
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 1 in stock $69.06
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Numark Groove Tool Cartridge & Stylus (pair)
Cat: 492921 Rel: 01 Jan 90
Notes: The Numark Groove Tool replacement cartridge is the standard cartridge in all Numark package kits. It is a high value, adjustable cartridge in a traditional headshell mount design.

The Numark Groove Tool replacement cartridge with replaceable diamond tip offers a great sound and tracking.
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 1 in stock $32.49
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