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Back In Stock: Progressive House

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Paprika (12")
Cat: COR 12155. Rel: 11 Jul 18
  1. Paprika (7:59)
  2. Balearia (8:46)
Played by: Don Crisp
 in stock $9.57
PSCO (12" promo)
Cat: UKSEX0206. Rel: 19 Sep 06
  1. PSCO
  2. You Are Me
Review: With two critically acclaimed albums to his name, Omid 16B is in the midst of creating a third! And whilst we await fulfillment through its fruits, here are two new prized productions providing a sweet taster of his forthcoming project. Omid's 'Psco' is an atmospheric, breaks driven beauty that seems to create its own impetus, soaring, swirling and dipping as freely as a bird in flight. An immense masterpiece sculpted from a sophisticated range of syncopated rhythms, it is saturated with the moody melodies and fierce 'Squelch Factor' of pulsating synthesisers, hypnotic key patterns and deep, growling sub-bass. With a subtle but captivating Giorgio Moroder/Midnight Express flavour, 'Psco' sounds like a fresh, electrifying soundtrack to a movie that is moving clubland. 'You Are Me', meanwhile, is a classic 16B production. A radiant metamorphosis of electronic funk, its inspired drum programming, sweeping synth patterns, crisp hi-hats and driving percussion all pave the way for a solid, uplifting 4/4 groove that is second to none. The breakdown is heavenly, honing in on cascading colours, piano melodies and infectious rhythms as the bubbling analogue-sounding bassline is dropped. Twisted, tweaked and filtered to perfection, the arrangement is achingly beautiful, its drama addictive. 100% pure16B productions, these tracks are guaranteed to move the crowds, play them loud!
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 in stock $5.17
Restore EP (12")
Cat: SAW 052. Rel: 03 Oct 06
  1. Restore
  2. Future
Review: Newcomer Jim Rivers with a stellar two-track EP of ethereal big-room grooves on this strong release from Saw Recordings. This is the full vinyl release for "Restore", which was featured on Satoshi Tomiie's 3D mix earlier this year. This track is a powerhouse of angelic synths and building melodies that get driven forward by a solid kickdrum and hypnotic bassline. The flip "Future" is more of a dark, synthy electro-houser that will appeal to all the Booka Shade and DJ T heads out there. Keep an eye out for Rivers as a name to watch!
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 in stock $5.17
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Back In Stock: Progressive House
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