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Ostgut Ton Germany




Ostgut Ton: Zehn

VARIOUS - Ostgut Ton: Zehn


Ostgut Ton: Zehn

Format: limited 10xLP box + MP3 download code
Released: 26 Oct 15
Genre: Techno
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Side 1
1. S/D - "The Launderette" (4:50)
2. Norman Nodge - "Beastmode" (5:37)
Side 2
1. Boris - "Lock" (10:00)
Side 3
1. Marcel Dettmann - "Encode II" (6:57)
Side 4
1. Efdemin - "Unten Links" (5:19)
2. Kobosil - "Saldae" (6:06)
Side 5
1. LB Dub Corp - "Roller" (feat Function - Len Faki interpretation) (6:24)
Side 6
1. Function - "DX3 Analog Bass Seq" (6:36)
2. Substance - "Keine Angst" (5:48)
Side 7
1. Dinky - "Planes" (Matthew Styles dub mix) (6:52)
Side 8
1. Nick Hoppner - "Double-Cross" (5:06)
2. Virginia - "Never Underestimate" (6:31)
Side 9
1. DVS1 - "[Ecks]" (6:10)
2. Answer Code Request - "Zeitspielraum" (5:36)
Side 10
1. Doms & Deykers - "Whirling" (7:47)
Side 11
1. Barker & Baumecker - "Love Is A Battlefield" (10:05)
Side 12
1. AtomTM - "Stromlinien" (5:50)
2. Anthony Parasole - "Heartbeat" (5:16)
Side 13
1. Martyn - "Jah Bedouin" (7:33)
Side 14
1. AtomTM & Tobias - "Physik E7532" (5:34)
2. Planetary Assault Systems - "Hama Static" (5:18)
Side 15
1. DIN - "Mono" (5:03)
2. Fiedel - "Probe-806" (6:28)
Side 16
1. Tobias - "Like A Drug" (8:32)
Side 17
1. Ben Klock - "Sirens" (8:21)
Side 18
1. Ryan Elliott - "Smith Lake" (6:00)
2. Len Faki - "Rainbow Delta" (ambient mix) (4:48)
Side 19
1. Marcel Fengler - "Fallin'" (feat Elif Bicer) (6:51)
Side 20
1. Etapp Kyle - "Nolah" (6:15)
2. Steffi - "Loweborschtel" (5:47)
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Out of stock $139.08
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You have to admire Ostgut Ton's ambition. While celebrating a decade in dance music with a compilation of exclusive, previously unheard music is now standard practice amongst leading underground labels, few would have the balls to release it on a box set that boasts no less than 10 slabs of wax. Unsurprisingly, the track list is like a who's who of left-of-centre techno and deep European house, with Marcel Dettmann, Boris, Virginia, Steffi, DVS1, Martyn, Tobias and Ben Klock all featuring. Highlights naturally come thick and fast, from the spacey electronics, heady textures and hypnotic rhythms of Function's "DX3 Analog Bass Seq", and the rush-inducing, string-laden house warmth of Matthew Styles' remix of Dinky's "Planes", to the picturesque intelligent techno of Doms & Deykers.

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