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Yakuza 0: Deluxe (Soundtrack)

VARIOUS - Yakuza 0: Deluxe (Soundtrack)


Yakuza 0: Deluxe (Soundtrack)  FORTHCOMING

Format: 6xLP box set in slipcase
Cat: LM 119BOX
Released: 29 Oct 21
Genre: Soundtracks
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est. release 29 Oct 21 $150.63
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Side 1
  1. "Youryu No Inanaki"
  2. "Pandora's Place"
  3. "Force Addiction"
  4. "Parry Addiction"
  5. "Crash Addiction"
  6. "Get Them"
  7. "Debt Cleanup"
  8. "Money Makes Money"
Side 2
  1. "La-Di-Da"
  2. "Trouble Shooting Star"
  3. "Unrestful"
  4. "Fatal Conflict"
  5. "Ultimate Road Rage"
  6. "Receive You - Tech Trance Arrange"
Side 3
  1. "Customer Creed"
  2. "One-Eyed Assassin"
  3. "One-Eyed Slugger"
  4. "One-Eyed Dancer"
  5. "Tiger Flute"
  6. "We're Long Hua Expedition"
  7. "To Be Prepared"
Side 4
  1. "TAKUMI 1988"
  2. "Breakin' Showcase"
  3. "Cabaret Sunshine - Fake Love"
  4. "As You Like"
  5. "Try To Have Some Fun For Me!!"
  6. "Fever Time"
  7. "Interplanetary Spark"
  8. "Wounded Hound"
Side 5
  1. "Growling Hound"
  2. "ON THE EDGE"
  3. "Receive You The Subtype"
  4. "The Story So Far"
  5. "T U S K"
  6. "Make You Free"
  7. "For Buddy"
Side 6
  1. "Misery Comes On Beat"
  2. "Enma No Chigiri"
  3. "Enma No Chikai"
  4. "Firelight"
Side 7
  1. "Archnemesis"
  2. "With Vengeance"
  3. "Two Dragons"
  4. "Reign"
Side 8
  2. "Rush! Rush! Rush!!"
  3. "Heisei To Konwaku No Aida"
  4. "Kairaku No Toki"
  5. "Azen Bouzen"
  6. "Rocket Nuts Groove"
  7. "At The 1st Bottom"
  8. "At The Rock Bottom"
  9. "The Purgatory"
Side 9
  1. "Fiercest Warrior Ver.0"
  2. "Interspace Garden"
  3. "Breeze Time"
  4. "View The Ranking"
  5. "Ignite Your Spirit"
  6. "Beyond The Speed"
  7. "Glorious Memories"
  8. "1st Impression"
  9. "2nd Impression"
  10. "3rd Impression"
  11. "Shinpan No Toki"
  12. "Kanki No Toki"
Side 10
  1. "Image Video "Hot Girl""
  2. "Image Video "Charming Girl""
  3. "Image Video "Glamorous Girl""
  4. "Image Video "Cute Girl""
  5. "Destiny Of The Cats"
  6. "Mad Desire"
  7. "Like A Butterfly, Like A Bee"
  8. "Hello Beast"
  9. "Red Radical Rage"
  10. "For The Victory"
  11. "Never End, Baby!"
  12. "Piece Of Pride"
Side 11
  1. "I Wanna Take You Home"
  2. "Friday Night"
  3. "Queen Of The Passion"
  4. "I'm Gonna Make Her Mine"
  5. "Koi No Disco Queen"
  6. "JUDGEMENT - Shinpan" (Full Spec edition)
  7. "JUDGEMENT - Shinpan" (Full Spec edition)
  8. "24Jikan Cinderella." (Full Spec edition)
  9. "24Jikan Cinderella" (Full Spec edition)
Side 12
  1. "X3 Shine" (Full Spec edition)
  2. "Setsuna No Ningyohime - Heart Break Mermaid" (Full Spec edition)
  3. "JUDGEMENT - Shinpan" (Full Spec edition)
  4. "Bakamitai"
  5. "Rouge Of Love"
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coming 29 Oct 21 $150.63
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