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record store day 2023
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Repulsive Morbidity: A Boxful Of Foetal Mush 1988-1991

XYSMA - Repulsive Morbidity: A Boxful Of Foetal Mush 1988-1991

Repulsive Morbidity: A Boxful Of Foetal Mush 1988-1991

Format: 5xLP box + 32 page booklet
Cat: SRE 357
Released: 08 Oct 19
Genre: Metal
Format: 5xLP box + 32 page booklet
Cat: SRE 357
Released: 08 Oct 19
Genre: Metal
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Out of stock$113.90
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record store day 2023
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Svart Finland
Side 1
1."Intro/On A Cartrip To Sweden" (LP 1: demos - Repulse (Pre-Xysma): On A Cartrip In Sweden (1988)) (0:43)
2."Varied Composition" (0:48)
3."Woems Of Carcass" (1:23)
4."Close The Lid Before I Burn" (1:03)
5."Peltouimari" (0:41)
6."Drown Oneself" (0:51)
7."Suppurating Newborn" (0:34)
8."Grinder" (0:21)
9."Artificial Brutality" (0:23)
10."Continual Sarcsam" (0:27)
11."Pulsating Cerebral Slime" (Torvi - demo (1989)) (1:02)
12."Phrenetic Chainsaw Suicide" (1:12)
13."Sudden Impulse" (2:06)
14."Pathologist's Perversitys" (0:53)
15."Priests Formented In Excrements" (1:12)
16."Gimlet To Urethra" (1:09)
17."Deciever" (0:44)
Side 2
1."Pulsating Cerebral Slime" (Swarming Of The Maggots (1989)) (0:50)
2."Pulverized Necrobrains" (0:36)
3."Gripping Slaughter" (2:11)
4."Festering Sore" (0:17)
5."Procreated From Blood" (1:48)
6."Sudden Impulse" (1:37)
7."Unanaesthetic Genitoplasty" (0:17)
8."Fetid Gurgitation" (0:09)
9."Fleshsaw" (1:16)
10."Pathologists Perversitys" (0:26)
11."Priests Formented In Excrements" (0:49)
12."Charred Limbs" (1:32)
13."Drown Oneself" (0:59)
14."Burbed Rectum" (1:34)
15."Phrenetic Chainsaw Suicide" (0:58)
16."Evisceration" (1:48)
17."Vacant Mind" (0:28)
18."Deciever" (0:33)
Side 3
1."Foetal Mush" (LP 2: Mini-LP & EP - Above The Mind Of Morbidity (1990)) (2:02)
2."Paradise Of Steaming Cadavers" (4:29)
3."Entangled In Shreds" (2:37)
4."Mild Stench Of Rot" (2:32)
5."Dismemberment In Trance" (3:32)
6."Cranial Cradle" (3:16)
Side 4
1."On The Hill Of Desecration" (Fata Morgana (1990)) (3:41)
2."Entangled In Shreds" (live) (2:28)
3."Embodiment Of Morbidity/Fata Morgana" (6:01)
4."Hello, I Love You" (1:50)
Side 5
1."Why Am I?" (LP 3: Yeah (1991)) (3:21)
2."On The Hill Of Desecration" (3:37)
3."Uranus Falls" (2:11)
4."Aspirations: A) Reflections Of Eternity" (3:04)
5."Aspirations: B) First Sunbeams Of The New Beginning" (3:18)
6."Outro" (0:52)
Side 6
1."Above The Horizon" (4:40)
2."Importance Of The Dimensionless Mirage" (2:36)
3."Until I Reach The Unattainable" (3:08)
4."There's Only One Sun" (1:38)
5."Written Into The Sky" (3:10)
6."Outro" (0:45)
Side 7
1."Phrenetic Chainsaw Suicide" (LP 4: Rehearsal Tapes - May 1989) (1:09)
2."Primitive Mutilation (AKA Varied Composition)" (0:52)
3."Excoriated In Vice" (2:14)
4."Pubo-vesical Filled With Culled" (0:36)
5."Involuntary Faeces Excretion" (0:25)
6."Love Theme From Xysma" (4:09)
7."Pathologists Perversitys" (0:30)
8."Procreated From Blood" (2:10)
9."Festering Sore" (0:35)
10."Pulsating Cerebral Slime" (0:45)
11."I Am Too" (1:26)
12."St Jackson's Fire" (3:35)
Side 8
1."Above The Horizon" (October 1990 'pre-Yeah') (3:06)
2."Importance Of Dimensionless Mirage" (1:35)
3."There's Only One Sun" (2:46)
4."Why Am I?" (5:07)
5."Written Into The Sky" (3:27)
Side 9
1."Varied Composition" (LP 5: live - live At Jyrkkala Youth House, Turku, March 26 1989) (0:35)
2."Procreated From Blood" (1:39)
3."Grinder" (0:19)
4."Close The Lid Before I Burn" (0:51)
5."Suppurating Newborn" (0:34)
6."Pulverized Necrobrains" (1:51)
7."Gripping Slaughter" (0:43)
8."Continual Sarcasm" (0:26)
9."Artificial Brutaility" (0:27)
10."Untitled 1" (0:23)
11."Drown Oneself" (1:04)
12."Vacant Mind" (0:29)
13."Sudden Impulse" (1:26)
14."Parched Veins" (0:14)
15."Peltouimari" (0:40)
16."Untitled 2" (0:52)
17."Pulsating Cerebral Slime" (0:43)
18."Priests Formented In Excrements" (1:00)
19."Deciever" (0:41)
Side 10
1."There Is Only One Sun" (live At A-Panimo, Turku, February 2 1991) (1:49)
2."Written Into The Sky" (3:17)
3."On The Hill Of Desecration" (3:28)
4."Until I Reach The Unattainable" (2:59)
5."Importance Of Dimensionless Mirage" (3:17)
6."Why Am I?" (3:15)
7."Above The Horizon" (3:50)
8."Foetal Mush" (1:56)
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Out of stock$113.90
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record store day 2023
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