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Play Something With Words EP

Format: 12" vinyl with hand stamped sleeve
Cat: MANUCCI 006
Released: 10 Feb 14
Genre: Deep House
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Side 1
1. "Believer"
2. "Drowning"
Side 2
1. "Lost Time"
2. "Rest"
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Out of stock $7.96

INT. BURGER SHOP. SECRET DJ HIDEOUT. NORTH LONDON SOMEWHERE DJ Taylor 'Urulu' Freels speaks to the Waitress behind the counter. URULU Get me a Burger; hold the cheese, and a side of fries too doll face. WAITRESS Sure thing honey Urulu turns around and leans back on the counter, he slowly casts his gaze over the DJs and vagabonds who call this place home. WAITRESS Here you go sugar, number 32, why don't you get yourself a seat, I'll bring it over. Urulu turns and grabs the receipt out from the waitress' fingers, briefly looking down to confirm the number before flashing a wink in her direction. He leavers himself away from the counter and begins a slow walk over to the corner of the restaurant, noticing a free chair on the way. Just as he approaches the free chair a shrill voice shouts out SHRILL VOICE So... we meet again... OOO-ROO-LOOO Urulu, swivels on his heal, a bolt of terror and adrenaline rush through his body. He knows that voice... It's his nemesis... Algorithm Man. URULU Of all the Burger Joints in all of North London, you had to come to this one. ALGORITHM MAN Let's throw down bitch From no where 'Clear' by Cybotron starts playing. Algorithm Man starts popping and locking to its crisp and clean 808 beats... he is so good at 'The Robot' people start applauding and cheering. URULU You've got no game Algorithm Man... let me show you how it's done Urulu launches 3 burgers at Algorithm Man's head, each one meeting with its target whilst perfectly timed with the still blaring 'Clear'. Urulu flips himself into a 'Suicide' landing on a large table; he then propels himself into the 'Windmill'. Fries, Burgers, Sodas and Onion rings from the table get caught up in the updraft of his crazy-quick 'Windmill' and begin to relentlessly pound Algorithm Man. WAITRESS *Screams* Algorithm Man's 'Robot' is no match for Urulu's super human 'Windmill'. The sheer amount of greasy food now stuck to Algorithm Man weighs him down so much he topples backwards like a felled tree. ALGORITHM MAN OKAY, OKAY... You win this time OOO-ROO-LOO... But I'll be back, mark my words... I'll be back With that Algorithm Man flees the Burger Joint, leaving a trail of fries, ketchup and shame in his wake. The music stops. Urulu dusts himself down. Flicking a single fry from his shoulder he sits down in the free chair and eats his burger & fries. Urulu mops his mouth with a clean serviette, gets up and throws a L50 note on the table. URULU That should cover the damage He walks out the door goes home and writes four tracks for Manucci's Mistress. THE END

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What do you think of this release?

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