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Zack Snyder's Justice League (Soundtrack)

HOLKENBORG, Tom - Zack Snyder's Justice League (Soundtrack)

Zack Snyder's Justice League (Soundtrack)  FORTHCOMING

Format: 180 gram vinyl 7xLP box set in slipcase
Cat: MOND 199A
Released: 26 Nov 21
Genre: Soundtracks
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est. release 26 Nov 21 $224.42
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Side 1
  1. "Song To The Siren"
  2. "A Hunter Gathers"
  3. "Migratory"
  4. "Things Fall Apart"
  5. "Wonder Woman Defending/& What Rough Beast"
Side 2
  1. "World Ending Fire"
  2. "Middle Mass"
  3. "Long Division"
  4. "No Paradise, No Fall"
Side 3
  1. "The Center Will Not Hold, Twenty Centuries Of Stony Sleep"
  2. "As Above, So Below"
  3. "No Dog, No Master"
Side 4
  1. "Take This Kingdom By Force"
  2. "A Splinter From The Thorn That Pricked You"
  3. "Cyborg Becoming/Human All Too Human"
Side 5
  1. "The Path Chooses You"
  2. "Aquaman Returning/Carry Your Own Water"
  3. "The Provenance Of Something Gathered"
Side 6
  1. "We Do This Together"
  2. "The Will To Power"
  3. "Smoke Become Fire"
Side 7
  1. "I Teach You, The Overman"
  2. "A Glimmer At The Door Of The Living"
  3. "How We Achieve Ourselves"
  4. "The Sun Forever Rising"
  5. "Underworld"
  6. "Superman Rising Part 1/A Book Of Hours"
  7. "Beyond Good & Evil"
Side 8
  1. "Monument Builder"
  2. "Monument Destroyer"
  3. "Urgrund"
  4. "So Begins The End"
  5. "The House Of Belonging"
  6. "Earthling"
Side 9
  1. "Flight Is Out Nature"
  2. "Indivisible"
  3. "And The Lion-Earth Did Roar" (part 1)
  4. "And The Lion-Earth Did Roar" (part 2)
  5. "Superman Rising Part 2/Immovable"
  6. "At The Speed Of Force"
Side 10
  1. "My Broken Boy"
  2. "That Terrible Strength"
  3. "An Eternal Reoccurence Of Change"
  4. "We Slay Ourselves"
  5. "Your Own House Turned To Ashes"
  6. "All Of You Undisturbed Cities"
Side 11
  1. "The Art Of Preserving Fire"
  2. "The Crew At Warpower"
  3. "The Foundation Theme"
  4. "Batman, A Duty To Fight/To See"
Side 12
  1. "Batman, An Invocation To Heal/To Be Seen"
  2. "Wonder Woman, A Call To Stand/A World Awakened"
Side 13
  1. "Flash, The Space To Win/Our Legacy Is Now"
  2. "Hallelujah"
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coming 26 Nov 21 $224.42
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