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The Trojan Story

VARIOUS - The Trojan Story


The Trojan Story  FORTHCOMING

Format: 3xLP in hard-back book sleeve
Cat: 405053 8665796
Released: 21 Jun 21
Genre: Reggae Classics/Ska
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est. release 21 Jun 21 $58.79
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Side 1
  1. Lord Tanamo - "Invitation To Jamaica"
  2. Derrick Morgan - "Fat Man"
  3. Jakie Edwards - "Tell Me Darling"
  4. Owen Gray - "Running Around"
  5. Jimmy Cliff - "Miss Jamaica"
  6. Derrick & Patsy - "Housewives' Choice"
  7. The Continentals - "Give Me All Your Love"
  8. Owen Gray - "Darling"
Side 2
  1. Stranger Cole - "Rough & Tough"
  2. Man To Man - "Kentrick Patrick"
  3. Stramger & Ken - "Uno-Dos-Tres"
  4. Al T Joe - "Slow Boat"
  5. Duke Reid's Group - "Rude Biy"
  6. Higgs & Wilson - "Gone Is Yesterday"
  7. Lord Tanamo - "I'm In The Mood For Ska"
  8. The Baba Brooks Band - "Virginia Ska"
  9. Justin Hinds & The Dominoes - "Satan"
Side 3
  1. Baba Brooks & His Band - "One Eyed Giant"
  2. Joe White & Chuck - "Every Night"
  3. Baba Brooks & His Band - "King Size"
  4. The Astronauts - "Syncopate"
  5. Winston & George - "Keep The Presssure On"
  6. The Techniques - "Oh Babe"
  7. The Ethiopians - "Train To Skaville"
  8. Dandy Livingstone - "Rudy, A Message To You"
Side 4
  1. Honey Boy Martin & The Voices - "Dreader Than Dread"
  2. The Three Tops - "It's Raining"
  3. The Ethiopians - "The Whip"
  4. Desmond Dekker & The Aces - "Pretty Africa"
  5. Alton Ellis & The Flames - "Rocky Steady"
  6. Ewan & Jerry - "Rock Steady Train"
  7. Sugar Simone - "King Without A Throne"
  8. Phyllis Dillon - "Perfidia"
Side 5
  1. Roy Shirley - "Musical Train"
  2. Derrick Morgan - "Do The Beng Beng"
  3. Lynn Taitt & The Jets - "Way Of Life"
  4. Tommy McCook & The Supersonics - "Second Fiddle"
  5. Lee 'scratch' Perry - "People Funny Boy"
  6. The Tennors - "I've Got To Get You Off My Mind"
  7. The Maytals - "Do The Reggay"
  8. The Slickers - "Nana"
Side 6
  1. Delano Stewart - "Tell Me Baby"
  2. The Reggae Boys - "Mama Look Deh"
  3. The Ethiopians - "Hong Kung Flu"
  4. The Maytals - "Pressure Drop"
  5. The Soul Mates - "Them A Laugh & A Ki Ki"
  6. The Melodians - "Walking In The Train"
  7. Carl Dawkins - "Satisfaction"
  8. The Maytones - "Black & White"
  9. The Charmers - "Rasta Never Fails"
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coming 21 Jun 21 $58.79
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