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The Piccadilly Records Story 1961-1962

VARIOUS - The Piccadilly Records Story 1961-1962


The Piccadilly Records Story 1961-1962

Format: unmixed 4xCD
Cat: RTRCD 12
Released: 04 Sep 20
Genre: 50s/60s
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Side 1
1. Joe Brown - "Crazy Mixed Up Kid"
2. Ronnie Hall - "Code Of Love"
3. Carter Lewis & The Southerners - "So Much In Love"
4. Emile Ford - "Half Of My Heart"
5. Carter Lewis & The Southerners - "Back On The Scene"
6. Joe Brown - "I'm Hennery The Eight I Am"
7. The Flee-Rekkers - "Lone Rider"
8. The Flee-Rekkers - "Miller Like Wow"
9. Penny - "Who Does He Think He Is"
10. The Checkmates - "Rockin' Minstrel"
11. The Checkmates - "Pompeii"
12. Al Saxon - "There I've Said It Again"
13. Jackie Lynton - "Over The Rainbow"
14. The Piccadilly Strings - "Sir Francis Drake Theme"
15. Donna Douglas - "Tammy Tell Me True"
16. Donna Douglas - "Memory Lane"
17. Ronnie Hall - "She's Mine"
18. Glen Daly - "The Celtic Song"
19. Bryan Taylor - "The Donkey's Tale"
20. Bryan Taylor - "Let It Snow On Christmas Day"
21. Cleo Laine - "Something's Gotta Give"
22. Joe Brown - "What A Crazy World We're Living In"
23. Danny Storm - "Honest I Do"
24. Danny Storm - "Sad But True"
25. Des O'Connor - "Thin Chow Min"
Side 2
1. Des O'Connor - "Twist Drive"
2. The Countrymen - "I Know Where I'm Going"
3. Donna Douglas - "The Message In A Bottle"
4. Johnny Keating Orchestra - "Theme From Z Cars"
5. Emile Ford - "I Wonder Who's Kissing Her Now"
6. The Shake Keane Fivetet - "The Nursery Blues"
7. Dick Jordan - "Some Of These Days"
8. Al Saxon - "Evil Eye"
9. Al Saxon - "What More Can I Say"
10. Oliver Reed - "Sometimes"
11. Davy Jones - "Jezebel"
12. Davy Jones - "Don't Come Crying To Me"
13. Jim Dale - "One Boy One Girl"
14. Jim Dale - "My Resistance Is Low"
15. Donna Douglas - "All The Other Girls"
16. Vince Hill - "The River's Run Dry"
17. Candy Sparkling - "When He's Gonna Kiss Me"
18. Joe Brown - "A Picture Of You"
19. The Flee-Rekkers - "Stage To Cimarron"
20. The Flee-Rekkers - "Twistin' The Chestnuts"
21. Johnny Keating & The Z Men - "Ya Ya"
22. Johnny Keating & The Z Men - "Highland Wedding"
23. The Countrymen - "Enchanted Sea"
24. Jackie Lynton - "Don't Take Away Your Love"
25. Jackie Lynton - "Wishful Thinking"
Side 3
1. The Kestrels - "Wolverton Mountain"
2. The Kestrels - "Little Sacka Sugar"
3. The Dave Clark Five - "That's What I Said"
4. The Dave Clark Five - "I Knew It All The Time"
5. Dick Jordan - "Fortune Teller"
6. Dick Jordan - "My Angel"
7. Joe Brown - "Your Tender Look"
8. David Martin - "Cinderella Romeo"
9. David Martin - "Why Have You Treated Me This Way"
10. The Chariots - "Problem Girl"
11. The Chariots - "Song Of A Broken Heart"
12. David MacBeth - "Roses Are Red"
13. David MacBeth - "Little Heart"
14. David MacBeth - "All Of Me"
15. David MacBeth - "I'd Steal"
16. The Highgate Children - "The Battle Of Highgate Hill"
17. The Highgate Children - "Pity The Poor Pedestrian"
18. Glen Daly - "Three Leaves Of Emerald Green"
19. Vince Hill - "There You Go"
20. Vince Hill - "Just As Long As (You Belong To Me)"
21. The Delaine Sisters - "It Might As Well Rain Until September"
22. The Delaine Sisters - "Puppet On A String"
23. Johnny Keating & The Z Men - "We Three Kings"
24. Johnny Keating & The Z Men - "Four Beats To The Casbah"
25. David Macbeth - "Have I Told You Lately That I Love You"
Side 4
1. David MacBeth - "A Brother Like You"
2. The Countrymen - "Meilinki Meilchik (Little Boy)"
3. Buddy Britten - "My Pride, My Joy"
4. Buddy Britten - "Long Gone Baby"
5. Pat Reader - "Cha Cha On The Moon"
6. Pat Reader - "May Your Heart Stay Forever Young"
7. Emile Ford - "Your Nose Is Gonna Grow"
8. The Kestrels - "Don't Want To Cry"
9. The Kestrels - "Love Me With All Your Heart"
10. The Les Reed Strings - "Theme" (From Dr Finley's Casebook)
11. The Les Reed Strings - "Theme" (From The Saint)
12. The Flee-Rekkers - "Sunburst"
13. The Flee-Rekkers - "Black Buffalo"
14. Joe Brown - "It Only Took A Minute"
15. Joyce Blair & Oliver Reed - "Baby It's Cold Outside"
16. Gary Jones - "It's Over"
17. Carter Lewis & The Southerners - "Here's Hoping"
18. Carter Lewis & The Southerners - "Poor Joe"
19. Bruce Forsyth - "The Oh-Be Joyfuls"
20. Bruce Forsyth - "I Like People"
21. Simone Jackson - "Pop Pop Pop Pie"
22. The Dave Clark Five - "First Love"
23. The Dave Clark Five - "I Walk The Line"
24. Wally Whyton - "Christmas Land"
25. Cudley Dudley - "The Ferryboat"
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in stock $6.98
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