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The Harry Smith B Sides

VARIOUS - The Harry Smith B Sides


The Harry Smith B Sides

Format: unmixed 4xCD + booklet box set
Cat: DTD 051CD
Released: 22 Oct 20
Genre: Folk/Americana
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Side 1
1. Dick Justice - "One Cold December Day"
2. Nelstone's Hawaiians - "Village School"
3. Clarence Ashley - "Old John Hardy"
4. Coley Jones - "The Elder He's My Man"
5. Bill & Belle Reed - "You Shall Be Free"
6. Buell Kazee - "The Wagoner's Lad"
7. Buell Kazee - "The Butcher's Boy"
8. Chubby Parker & His Old-Time Banjo - "Down On The Farm"
9. Uncle Eck Dunford - "Angeline The Baker"
10. Burnett & Rutherford - "All Night Long Blues"
11. Buster Carter & Preston Young - "It Won't Hurt No More"
12. Carolina Tar Heels - "You Are A Little Too Small"
13. GB Grayson - "Rose Conley"
14. Kelly Harrell - "My Wife She Has Gone & Left Me"
15. Edward L Crain - "Cowboy's Home Sweet Home"
16. Kelly Harrell - "Henry Clay Beattie"
17. Carter Family - "Bring Me Back My Blue-Eyed Boy"
18. Williamson Brothers & Curry - "Warfield"
19. Frank Hutchison - "Stackalee"
20. Charlie Poole With The North Carolina Ramblers - "Monkey On A String"
21. Mississippi John Hurt - "Nobody's Dirty Business"
Side 2
1. William & Versey Smith - "Everybody Help The Boys Come Home"
2. Carter Family - "I'm Thinking Tonight Of My Blue Eyes"
3. Furry Lewis - "Kassie Jones"
4. The Bentley Boys - "Henhouse Blues"
5. The Masked Marvel - "Screamin' & Hollerin' The Blues"
6. Carolina Tar Heels - "Back To Mexico"
7. Uncle Bunt Stephens - "Louisburg Blues"
8. JW Day - "Marthis Campbell"
9. Prince Albert Hunt's Texas Ramblers - "Waltz Of Roses"
10. Delma Lachney & Blind Uncle Gaspard - "Le Bebe Et Le Gambleur (The Baby & The Gambler)"
11. Andrew & Jim Baxter - "Forty Drops"
12. AC Eck Robertson & Family - "Amarillo Waltz"
13. Hoyt Ming & His Pep-Steppers - "Old Red"
14. Henry Thomas - "Bull-Doze Blues"
15. Jim Jackson - "I Heard The Voice Of A Pork Chop"
16. Columbus Fruge - "Bayou Teche"
17. Joseph Falcon - "Aimer Et Perdre (To Love & Lose)"
18. Breaux Freres - "T'as Vole Mon Chapeau (You Have Stolen My Hat)"
19. Cincinnati Jug Band - "George Street Stomp"
20. Frank Cloutier & The Victoria Cafe Orchestra - "Moonshiner's Dance Part Two"
21. Rev JM Gates - "Oh Death Where Is Thy Sting"
22. Rev JM Gates - "Must Be Born Again"
Side 3
1. Alabama Sacred Harp Singers - "Present Joys"
2. Alabama Sacred Harp Singers - "Rocky Road"
3. Middle Georgia Singing Convention No 1 - "I Am Going Home"
4. Sister Mary Nelson - "The Royal Telephone"
5. Memphis Sanctified Singers - "The Great Reaping Day"
6. Elders McIntorsh & Edwards - "The Latter Rain Is Fall"
7. Rev Moses Mason - "Go Wash In The Beautiful Stream"
8. Bascom Lamar Lunsford - "Stepstone"
9. Blind Willie Johnson - "You're Going To Need Someone On Your Bond"
10. Carter Family - "God Gave Noah The Rainbow Sign"
11. Ernest Phipps & His Holiness Singers - "A Little Talk With Jesus"
12. Rev FW McGee - "Nothing To Do In Hell"
13. Rev DC Rice & His Sanctified Congregation - "He's Got His Eyes On You"
14. Clarence Ashley - "Dark Holler Blues"
15. Buell Kazee - "Darling Cora"
16. Cannon's Jug Stompers - "Madison Street Rag"
17. E Segura & D Herbert - "Far Away From Home Blues"
18. Richard Rabbit Brown - "I'm Not Jealous"
19. Dock Boggs - "Down South Blues"
20. Bascom Lamar Lunsford - "Mountain Dew"
Side 4
1. Mr & Mrs Ernest V Stoneman - "The Road To Washington"
2. Stoneman Family - "Too Late"
3. Memphis Jug Band - "I Packed My Suitcase, Started To The Train"
4. Carter Family - "The Storms Are On The Ocean"
5. Joseph Falcon & Cleoma Breaux - "Fe Fe Ponchaux"
6. Blind Lemon Jefferson - "Shuckin' Sugar Blues"
7. Sleepy John Estes & Yank Rachell - "Sweet Mama"
8. Ramblin' Thomas - "Ramblin' Man"
9. Cannon's Jug Stompers - "Riley's Wagon"
10. Dock Boggs - "Sammie, Where Have You Been So Long"
11. Julius Daniels - "My Mamma Was A Sailor"
12. Blind Lemon Jefferson - "Lemon's Worried Blues"
13. Blind Lemon Jefferson - "'Lectric Chair Blues"
14. Joseph Falcon & Cleoma Breaux - "Elle M'a Oublie (She Has Forgotten Me)"
15. Uncle Dave Macon - "Rise When The Rooster Crows"
16. Uncle Dave Macon - "I'm The Child To Fight"
17. Mississippi John Hurt - "Blue Harvest Blues"
18. Memphis Jug Band - "Memphis Yo Yo Blues"
19. JP Nestor - "Black-Eyed Susie"
20. Ken Manyard - "The Cowboy's Lament"
21. Henry Thomas - "Texas Worried Blues"
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in stock $86.99
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