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The Bob's Burgers Music Album (Soundtrack)

Format: 2xCD
Cat: SPCD 1180
Released: 12 May 17
Genre: Soundtracks
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Side 1
1. "The Bob's Burgers Theme Song"
2. "Lifting Up The Skirt Of The Night"
3. "Butts, Butts, Butts"
4. "Theme From Banjo"
5. "Da Ding Ding"
6. "Pirates Of Panache"
7. "Weekend At Mort's"
8. "Sex Music"
9. "Wing Man"
10. "Taffy Butt"
11. "Getting Out Of P.E."
12. "Groping For Glory"
13. "Oil Spill"
14. "One Way Or Another"
15. "The Prince Of Persuasia"
16. "Bad Girls"
17. "You Got Beefsquatched"
18. "Milkin' The Cow"
19. "Fun! Fun! Fun! Fun!"
20. "Parakeet In Your Hat"
21. "Kill The Turkey"
22. "The Diarrhea Song"
23. "Silent Love"
24. "Silent Muffler"
25. "The Harry Truman Song"
26. "Daddy/The Itsy Bitsy Stripper"
27. "Sex Sex Sex Sex Sex"
28. "You're The Best"
29. "Mad Pooper"
30. "Buckle It Up"
31. "Love Mission"
32. "Two People"
33. "Can't Get Enough Of Your Woman Stuff"
34. "Funky Finger"
35. "This Is Working"
36. "Baby Hold On"
37. "Electric Love"
38. "TINA"
39. "The Snake Song"
40. "Fracas Foam"
41. "The Kids Run The Restaurant"
42. "Coal Mine"
43. "Whisper In Your Eyes"
44. "I Wanna Hear Your Secrets"
45. "I've Got A Yum Yum"
46. "Rain, Rain, Flash, Flash"
47. "We're Coming For Ya"
48. "Quicky Kiss It"
49. "Prankin'"
50. "Sneaky Pete"
51. "Gravy Boat"
52. "We Won The Talent Show"
53. "Derek Dematopolis"
54. "Not Bad For Havin' Three Kids"
55. "Jingle In The Jungle"
56. "Slumber Party Fashion Show"
57. "It's Not Magic It's Tragic"
58. "The Fart Song"
59. "Hava Nagila"
60. "Equestranauts Theme"
61. "Nice Things Are Nice"
62. "Wharf Of Wonder"
63. "Bad Things Are Bad"
Side 2
1. "Die Hard/Working Girl Musical Medley"
2. "Work Hard Or Die Trying, Girl"
3. "Jeff/Il Est Mort"
4. "Your Best Friend"
5. "Love Is In Control/Finger On The Trigger"
6. "Christmas Magic"
7. "Happy Crappy Place"
8. "Darryl's Slow Jam"
9. "I'm Jimmy Jr Pesto"
10. "The Sheriff Had A Piggy"
11. "Lipstick On His Pickup"
12. "I'll Trade You These Tears/I Won't Go Solo On You"
13. "Shimmy Tap"
14. "Date Night"
15. "Don't You Love Cotton Candy"
16. "Jam With Darryl"
17. "His Name Is Lenny"
18. "I Don't Need Music"
19. "I Want Some Burgers And Fries"
20. "BM In The PM"
21. "I'm Falling For Helen"
22. "99 Red Balloons"
23. "It's Called Fate & It's Great"
24. "I Love You So Much It's Scary"
25. "It's Thanksgiving For Everybody"
26. "The Spirits Of Christmas"
27. "The Nice-Capades"
28. "Amor Por Favor/Me Llamo Tina"
29. "It's Valentine's Day"
30. "Hot Ham & Cheese Day"
31. "Cease & Desist"
32. "Muse Dance"
33. "If You Love Something"
34. "Fart Stools (For The Gifted)"
35. "Do The Dirty Pigeon"
36. "Two Butted Goat"
37. "Butt Phone"
38. "Breaking Out"
39. "Mononucleosis"
40. "Just What I Needed"
41. "I Love Charades"
42. "I'm Tall Enough"
43. "Yat Dat Dat Da"
44. "Bad Stuff Happens In The Bathroom"
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in stock $11.50

Since first appearing on US television in 2011, Bob's Burgers has become something of a must-watch for those who grew up gorging on irreverent animated series such as The Simpsons and Family Guy. Like those two shows, Bob's Burgers has always featured humorous and eccentric songs within episodes. This double-CD set brings together 107 songs from the series' six seasons (all in full-length form, rather than the edited snippets sometimes included in the programmes), performed by the main cast and regular guests such as Sarah Silverman and Kevin Kline. As a bonus, they've also included cover versions of songs from the series by the likes of The National, Lapsley and Stephin Merrit of The Magnetic Fields.

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