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Lo Recordings




LO Compilation

YOKOTA, Susumu/VARIOUS - LO Compilation


LO Compilation

Format: mixed 2xCD
Cat: LCD 59
Released: 22 Nov 06
Genre: Balearic/Downtempo
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Side 1
1. The Chap - "Auto Where To"
2. The Chap - "Volumatic Spacer Device"
3. The Chap - "Younger People"
4. Susumu Yokoto - "Your Shining Darkness"
5. Europa 51 - "Voyeurism"
6. Toob - "Here Enuff"
7. Luke Vibert - "Blasted Wook"
8. Toob - "Clawing Its Way Back"
9. Cursor Miner - "Errors In My Mind"
10. Alexandroid - "My Lovemixdown"
11. Alexandroid - "Edinorog"
12. Rothko - "Open"
13. Motohiro Nakashima - "Siemreap"
14. The Chap - "We Are Not Impartial"
15. Red Snapper - "Mountain & Valleys" (Yokota mix)
16. King Of Woolworths - "The Loner"
17. Susumu Yokoto - "Song Of The Sleeping Forest"
18. Theodore - "Madam Ortance"
19. Europa 51 - "Europa 51"
20. Susumu Yokoto/Rothko - "Waters Edge"
21. Susumu Yokoto - "My Energy"
22. Susumu Yokoto - "1000 Wing Beats Per Second"
23. Susumu Yokoto/Rothko - "Clear Space"
Side 2
1. Hairy Butter vs Georges Vert - "Lock Don"
2. Cursor Miner - "This Is Electro"
3. The Chap - "Remember Elvis Rex"
4. The Chap - "Courage & Modesty"
5. Cursor Miner - "Remote Control"
6. Hairy Butter - "Mr G's Locked In Dub"
7. Milky Globe - "Disco Gardens"
8. The Chap/Pier Bucci - "Space=Volume"
9. Susumu Yokoto - "3a"
10. Cursor Miner - "Grilling The Cheese"
11. Cursor Miner - "Battery Powered Joy"
12. Jean Jacques Pierre/Luke Vibert - "Moog Acid" (Jackson mix)
13. Jean Jacques Pierre/Luke Vibert - "Moog Acid" (Plastician mix)
14. Cursor Miner - "Cursor Miner Feels Good"
15. Susumu Yokoto - "Siva Dance"
16. Susumu Yokoto - "3c"
17. Milky Globe - "The Warp & The Woof" (Secondo mix)
18. The Chap - "Woop Woop"
19. The Chap - "I Got Flattened By A Pig Farmer"
20. Milky Globe - "Ode" (SCSI 9 Moscow mix)
21. Red Snapper - "Heavy Petting"
22. Four Tet/Rothko - "Rivers Become Oceans"
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Out of stock $9.35

Future Music 9/10: "What we have here is two CDs of loveliness, one relaxed and one more up-tempo. The whole package is enjoyable from start to finish." This deceptively simple titled album conceals a devilishly complex and ambitious musical construction as you would expect from the mind of the man Yokota. An absolutely unique trawl through the Lo back catalogue which manages to span much of its expansive breadth to create a dizzying aural collage that delights and intrigues. Mixed in Yokota's unique free-flowing style and featuring exclusive tracks by Yokota and others, this is an album sure to find favour with Yokota and Lo fans alike. The first CD features mainly vocal tracks while the second CD is a very different beast, focusing more on Lo's up-tempo electronic output.

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