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Studio Electronics SE-3X Analogue Mono Synthesiser

STUDIO ELECTRONICS - Studio Electronics SE-3X Analogue Mono Synthesiser

Studio Electronics SE-3X Analogue Mono Synthesiser FORTHCOMING

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The SE-3X is a new model in the SE range that sits above the illustrious SE-1X; this model has significant hardware features and software upgrade from the SE-1X.

New hardware additions include:
2 types of saturation
2 new additional analog VCF types for a total of 4 filter types 4 Voltage Controlled Discrete Analog Filters: SE Classic 24dB Moogr; SE Classic 24dB ARPr; SE Classic Juno / Jupiter:

Numerous software enhancements including 3 note paraphonic capability, enhanced modulation and envelope types, and improved workflow with easier / simpler navigation of menus (including some requested user features)

Three + Four = Heaven. The SE-3X: a three-voice paraphonic synth with four discrete, classic hardware filters.

Seen where the sound of success was heard, the SE-1(X)'s popularity with hitmakers, film composers and sound designers has spanned decades, and the 'X never quite rode off into the sunset. Now, it's blazing back with software sweetening and sweeping hardware refinements - innovations worthy of 30 years of rack time... and your time. Built attractively, built solidly, bringing you the bump 'n' thump and higher frequency clarity and warmth that has been the secret weapon of legends. Complete '3X software for '1X users is available as a Flash ROM chip upgrade.

New features

Paraphonic Mode: for easy and electric 3X chords and colors.
Front Panel control for Oscillator Mix.
Front Panel control for Oscillator 2 & 3 Fine Tune.
OMEGA / SE-02 Envelope routines in addition to the original linear & magical quasi-exponential Envelopes.
Exponential Glide routine from the OMEGA and '1X Linear Glide.
New Front Panel Screen Jumps & Shortcuts.


Two fuzz modes: 70s & 90s. Front panel switchable.
RESONANT FILTER COLLECTION: 24 dB MINI, 24 dB ARP, 24dB, 6dB, "Mix Mode" JUNO / JUPITER. SEM remains the built-in filter. Front panel switchable.

The software of the SE-3X in detail:

The exponential glide routine from the Omega: Now you can choose that or the original linear glide.

The Omega / CODE Envelope routines: These show up as EXP2 in the Envelope window; this is in addition to the original linear and magical quasi-exponential Envelopes.

Page 2 Mix knobs for the Oscillators: Due to space restrictions, the SE-1(X) didn't allow direct control, requiring navigating to the Audio Mixer page for tweaksitedious. Now holding Shift and using the Pulse Width pots to adjust Oscillator mix levels brings balance and satisfaction.

OSC 2 & 3 Fine Tune: Hold Shift and rotate 2 & 3 Frequency knobs. Another useful and efficient jump-cut.

LFO Gate from our Boomstar and Mini V-30, a venerable and most funky feature from the ARP Odyssey and 2600; LFO 3 can now gate the Envelopes: hold Shift and press LFO 3, or send it CC #9. MIDI sync applies, of course when received.

Lastly for spice and "poly" nice nice, Paraphonic Mode: This allows the 3 oscillators to be played by 3 different MIDI notes, for easy and electric 3X chords. All 3 oscillators still go thru the same VCF and VCA, so it's not truly polyphonic. But with some care and creativity in programming, it can sure swing like it. Check out Marc St. Regis' SoundCloud demos to see just how warm & snappy the PARA can sound, especially when a DAW is in control.


Voices: Monophonic, with 3 note Paraphonic mode.
Audio Outputs: 1
External Audio Inputs: 1
Interface: 1 rotary encoder, 24 knobs, 20 square switchesi17 illuminated, one three-way toggle (filter fuzz), one 5-way rotary switch (filter selection), power.
Main Display: 20 x 4 blue backlit liquid crystal.
Memory: 8 banks of 99: 396 patches in ROM, 396 in RAM.
Weight: 11 lbs.
Dimensions: 3 rack spaces, 8 inches deep.
Power: 90 - 250 volts AC auto switching.

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STUDIO ELECTRONICS - Studio Electronics SE-3X Analogue Mono Synthesiser
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