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Fabric 93

Format: mixed CD
Cat: FABRIC 185
Released: 21 Apr 17
Genre: Deep House
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Side 1
1. Scott Grooves & Ian Fink - "Ambientroit" (with Soul Clap & Derren Smart - Fabric intro)
2. The Return - "New Day"
3. Jay Daniel - "Paradise Valley"
4. Life On Planets & David Marston - "Take Your Time" (Marston dub)
5. Jesse Futerman/I-Robots - "Gem/Dirty Talk" (Hidden Spheres remix/Donna McGhee original Acapella)
6. Ancient Deep - "Early Werk" (feat Carlos Mena - Fabric edit)
7. Barbara Tucker - "I Get Lifted" (XTC mix)
8. Lonely C & Tom Trago - "The Compass Joint" (Spaventi Dazzurro King dub)
9. Midnight Magic - "I Gotta Feeling" (Soul Clap & Morgan Wiley dub)
10. Soul Clap, No Regular Play & John Camp - "Weekend At Barnies"
11. Harvey Sutherland & Bermuda - "Bravado"
12. SuRFBiT - "Slide Gloves"
13. Taylor Bense - "Feels Good To Be Loved"
14. Martin Heimann - "Salto" (Moon B Bubblin mix)
15. Zacky Force Funk - "The Split" (feat Kutmah)
16. Chateau Flight - "Ongaku" (feat PJ Choir - unreleased Electro dub)
17. Youandewan - "Something Keeps Me Real Quiet"
18. Storm & Herman - "Gotta Work"
19. Indian Ocean, Derren Smart & Cornerbred - "Schoolbell/Treehouse/Strange Boys"
20. Willie Burns - "Candid Fireworks" (Tom Noble remix)
21. The Pool - "Dance In Dub"
22. Nu Guinea - "Nu World" (Flute mix)
23. Daev Martian - "Live Love"
24. Life On Planets - "Move It Forward"
25. The Hue - "Spaced Out"
26. Jack Novin & Matt Grone - "Gang Progress"
27. Ken Gill - "Love Moon"
28. Zopelar - "Memories"
29. Conga Radio - "Right Beside You"
30. Sol Power All-Stars - "Djidjo Vide" (feat Elikeh)
31. Joakim - "Boipeba" (dub)
32. Maajo - "Maajo"
33. Jimi Tenor & Tony Allen - "Path To Wisdom"
34. Scott Grooves - "Bittersweet Stripped"
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in stock $5.55
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Given their status as confirmed party-starters who think nothing of turning their DJ sets into a thrill-a-minute romp through a myriad of musical styles, it's heartening to see that Soul Clap has continued this approach on their first Fabric mix. Featuring a dizzying 34 tracks squeezed into 80 action-packed minutes, the mix sprints through boogie, proto house, disco, electro, Afro-jazz, Latin beats, Balearica and numerous variants of house. Along the way, you'll encounter highlights from The Pool, Scott Grooves, Harvey Sutherland & Bermuda, Nu Guinea, Jimi Tenor & Tony Allen, Chateau Flight, Conga Radio and, of course, members of the extended Soul Clap family.

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