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Sonuus Voluum Volume Pedal For Guitar & Bass

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Voluum is a volume-based multi-effect stomp box with a digitally controlled high-fidelity pure-analogue signal chain. Constant high-voltage (>30V) analogue power rails ensure high-headroom with low distortion and low noise for maximum signal clarity. A high-bandwidth fully-analogue signal path ensures there is no digital distortion to corrupt your signal, and allows high dynamic range signals to be processed flawlessly. Digital control gives you the ability to store presets and remotely-control the effects via MIDI.

The effects chain comprises five effects (noise gate, compressor, LFO (tremolo), volume control and limiter) which can be used in any combination. As you'd expect from Sonuus, we've gone further to bring you a pedal that's innovative, sounds superb and packs more value than anything else on the market.

It's simple to tweak settings on the carefully designed control panel. Once you have created what you want, you can save it to one of 100 internal presets.

Clear metering

Meters to let you instantly see what's happening with dedicated meters for the volume level, gate and compressor gain reduction.

Gate / Expander

In its simplest form a noise gate cuts the signal when its level falls below a set threshold. The Voluum noise gate not only gives you control over the threshold, but also enables fine control over over how quickly it reacts and how much the signal should be reduced in level. Combined with a smooth transition from open to closed, Voluum gives you ultra-transparent gating that reduces the noise when you're not playing without introducing any audible artifacts.


The compressor in Voluum features an intelligent make-up gain which means you only need to think about how much compression you want to apply. This also allows dynamic modulation of the compressor. For example, you can smoothly vary the amount of compression being applied without affecting your signal level - another unique Sonuus innovation.

Variable attack and release times let you configure the effect to suit your performance and even these can be pedal-controlled. While other compressors are either on or off, the Voluum compressor gives you glitch-free pedal-control to enhance the subtleties of your music.

LFO (tremolo)

Tremolo is a classic effect where a low-frequency-oscillator (LFO) modulates the volume of your instrument. The Voluum LFO (tremolo) lets you recreate this effect, while giving you many more options. Smooth tremolo sounds with multiple waveforms featuring envelope and pedal-controlled speed variation, as well as MIDI-clock sync to keep the tremolo in time with your sequencer.


The volume effect on Voluum lets you change volume, but without compromising your tone. But just doing that would be boring! Voluum lets you cut or boost the signal level to any level you desire while providing fine control over the feel of the pedal: how its position maps to the volume change. You can also configure fades where the pedal acts as a switch and the volume fades up or down smoothly over a preset time to give you super-smooth fades that are impossible to do just by using foot-control.

In envelope mode, the level change is triggered when you play a new note, or strum a new chord. Combined with built-in ADSR shaping, you can create synth-like tones from your instrument.


The high voltage analogue power rails in Voluum give great sonic quality, but it means that high output levels can overdrive other effects in your chain. The limiter effect can be engaged to limit the signal peaks to keep them within the range of your other effects to avoid nasty clipping distortion. The limiter can also limit asymmetrically which can add sweeter-sounding overdrive to limited signals.

As well as being ideal at home or in the studio, Voluum has special features that make it perfect on stage. The sturdy, lightweight aluminium chassis, paired with modern robust electronic design ensures that Voluum will stand up to the demands of the toughest gigs. The large bright display is readable outdoors but can also be dimmed when required in low-light environments.

A lock switch ensures that settings cannot be changed accidentally in the heat of a performance, but still allows you to select which preset to use. Foot-operated selection of presets lets you access what you need with minimum hassle. Powered by 9VDC, 4xAA batteries or USB, and with modern-yet-retro styling, you can be sure Voluum will fit into your rig.

With both USB-MIDI and standard 5-pin MIDI connections, Voluum was designed to be connected! Any effect that can be controlled by the pedal can also be controlled by MIDI messages allowing you to automate effects or remotely control them in real-time. Program change messages can also be sent to Voluum to select the effects you need for particular songs.

Unique patent-pending pedal sensor

Sonuus' patent-pending position sensor

  • A high-bandwidth, fully-analogue signal path ensures there are no digital artifacts
  • Constant high-voltage (>30V) analogue power rails for superior tone
  • Wide-range volume control: 100dB cut / 40dB boost
  • Digitally controlled with expertly-crafted factory presets and 100 user presets
  • Patent-pending pedal sensor that will never wear out
  • Choose between Transparent-True-Bypass switching or Buffered Bypass
  • Multiple simultaneous effects: noise gate, compressor, tremolo (LFO), volume, limiter
  • Future-proof upgradeable firmware
  • 9 VDC, 4xAA batteries, USB-powered
Type Volume
Inputs 1/4" mono jack
Outputs 1/4" mono jack
Power Supply Battery, USB OR Mains Adapter
Dimensions (mm) 171 x 73 x 192
Weight (g) 1300

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