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Roots Rock Riot

SKINDRED - Roots Rock Riot

Roots Rock Riot  FORTHCOMING

Format: LP + 7"
Released: 01 Oct 21
Genre: Metal
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est. release 01 Oct 21 $24.91
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Side 1
  1. "Roots Rock Riot"
  2. "Trouble"
  3. "Ratrace"
  4. "State Of Emergency"
  5. "Alright"
  6. "Destroy The Dancefloor"
Side 2
  1. "Rude Boy For Life"
  2. "Killing Me"
  3. "Spit Out The Poison"
  4. "Cause Ah Riot"
  5. "Ease Up"
  6. "Choices & Decisions"
Side 3
  1. "It's A Crime"
Side 4
  1. "Struggle"
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coming 01 Oct 21 $24.91

Calling a spade a spade in a way we consider typical of Newport, Wales given how Goldie Lookin' Chain put the town on the map, Skindred have never been backwards at coming forwards, hearts firmly on their sleeve. This debut album title told us everything we needed to know about where they were coming from, and we don't mean geographically.

Marrying metal, funk rock, punk, and hardcore with hip hop, drum & bass, dubstep and ragga, on paper that may appear a strange meeting of sounds that potentially should have shaken hands and walked away before the first note was played. In practice, and on stage, the outfit have rightly won awards for their unique take on guitar grit, and live prowess. If you're still unconvinced, think early Chilli Peppers in a skunk-soaked roots club listening to Rage Against the Machine and you won't go too far wrong.

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