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The Trip



The Trip

Format: mixed 2xCD
Cat: 9822299
Released: 23 Sep 04
Genre: Balearic/Downtempo
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Side 1
1. Serge Gainbourg - "Cannabis"
2. Gene Page - "All Our Dreams Are Coming True"
3. Gwen McCrae - "Move Me Baby"
4. Brinkley & Parker - "Pander Man"
5. Esther Williams - "Last Night Changed It All"
6. Gloria Scott - "(A Case Of) Too Much Lovemakin'"
7. Marvin Gaye - "Symphony" (Undubbed version)
8. The Mamas & The Papas - "Shooting Star"
9. The Supremes - "It's Time To Break Down"
10. Ennio Morricone - "Deus Irae Psychedelico"
11. Kiss Inc - "Hey Mr Holy Man"
12. The Attack - "Lady Orange Peel"
13. Nancy Priddy - "You've Come This Way"
14. RPM Generation - "Rona's Theme"
15. Lalo Schifrin - "Jaws"
16. Bobby Hutton - "Lend A Hand"
17. Lindy Stevens - "Pennygold"
18. The Isley Brothers - "My Love Is Your Love (Forever)"
19. TUME - "Love Shortage"
20. Ernie Bush - "Breakaway"
21. Candio Carmero Orchestra - "Succulent"
22. Jeff Britton - "Rub Out"
23. Foster Sylvers - "Midemeanour"
24. Major Lance - "It Must Be Love Coming Down"
25. Carl Carlton - "I Won't Let That Chump Break Your Heart"
Side 2
1. Spanky & Our Gang - "Like To Get To Know You"
2. The Sandpipers - "Never Can Say Goodbye"
3. The Poppy Family - "Free From The City"
4. Mandy More - "If Not By Fire"
5. Ice - "Ice Man"
6. John Martyn & Beverly Martyn - "Auntie Aviator"
7. Euphoria - "There Is Now"
8. Dillard & Clark - "The Radio Song"
9. Fairport Convention - "Autopsy"
10. Roger Nicholas & The Small Circle Of Friends - "Snow Queen"
11. Orpheus - "Can't Find The Time"
12. Chrysalis - "Summer In Your Savage Eyes"
13. Queen Anne's Lace - "Happiest Day Of My Life"
14. Alzo & Udine - "Something Going"
15. The Originals - "The Bells"
16. Marsha Malamet - "I Don't Dare"
17. Dusty Springfield - "I Start Counting"
18. Scott Walker - "Angels Of Ahses"
19. Tim Hardin - "Speak Like A Child"
20. Michael Angelo - "This Bird"
21. The Left Banke - "Dark Is The Bark"
22. Julie Covington - "My Silks & Fine Arrays"
23. John Barry - "A Dolls House"
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Out of stock $14.44
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