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In My Room Germany




Reworked / Remixed

TRENTEMOLLER - Reworked/Remixed


Format: unmixed 2xCD
Cat: IMR 07CD
Released: 03 Nov 11
Genre: Minimal/Tech House
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Side 1
1. Trentemoller - "Sycamore Feeling" (Marie Fisker version)
2. UNKLE - "The Answer" (feat Big In Japan (Baltimore) - Trentemoller remix)
3. The Do - "Too Insistent" (Trentemoller remix)
4. Trentemoller - "Tide" (Efterklang remix)
5. Trentemoller - "Silver Surfer, Ghost Rider Go!!!" (Andrew Weatherall Prinz mix)
6. Franz Ferdinand - "No You Girls" (Trentemoller remix)
7. Trentemoller - "Tide" (Modeselektor Last Remix Ever)
8. Modeselektor - "White Flash" (feat Thom Yorke - Trentemoller remix)
9. Lars & The Hands Of Light - "Me Me Me" (Trentemoller remix)
10. Kasper Bjorke - "Does Not Matter" (feat The Pierces - Trentemoller remix)
11. Trentemoller - "Tide" (alternative instrumental version)
Side 2
1. Trentemoller - "Neverglade" (remix)
2. Chimes & Bells - "The Mole" (Trentemoller remix)
3. Trentemoller - "Even Though You're With Another Girl" (I Blame Coco version)
4. Efterklang - "Raincoats" (Trentemoller remix)
5. Trentemoller - "Neverglade" (UNKLE Surrender Sounds Session #16)
6. Depeche Mode - "Wrong" (Trentemoller remix)
7. Sleep Party People - "The Dwarf & The Horse" (Trentemoller remix)
8. Mew - "Beach" (Trentemoller remix)
9. Trentemoller - "Even Though You're With Another Girl" (Kollektiv Turmstrasse remix)
10. Giana Factory - "Dirty Snow" (Trentemoller remix)
11. Trentemoller - "Neverglade" (instrumental version)
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Out of stock $13.04

Here's a rather curious concoction: a compilation that features both remixes by Trentemoller and reworks from other artists of his own productions. It's a slightly muddled concept in many ways, but it makes for an interesting, diverting and at times sensational listen. It's typically musically varied; with Trentemoller's own remixes veering wildly from icy electronica (his UNKLE version) and marimba-laden pop (Do) to skewed punk-funk (Franz Ferdinand) and hard-edged synth fuzziness (Depeche Mode). The guest remixes of Trentemoller's own productions are equally as eclectic, with Modeselektor's post-dubstep soundscapes and Kollektiv Turmstrassse avant-techno oddness contrasting brilliantly with Andrew Weatherall's stunning, dub-punk-funk and UNKLE's scratchy, organ-laden electronica.

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