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Project VCS Vinyl Cleaner Record Cleaning Machine


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Pro-Ject Audio Systems, the world-renowned manufacturers of premium hi-fi turntables, are expanding their portfolio their first dedicated vinyl record cleaner. The brand new VC-S uses a specially developed cleaning solution and high-powered vacuum technology to breathe new life into record collections at a price you would not believe.

Everyone with a collection of vinyl records knows how important it is to keep them clean. Every use exposes them to environmental impurities that accumulate over time, resulting in a build-up of dirt inside the record grooves that can negatively impact the playing cartridge's lifespan and the overall sound performance of a vinyl hi-fi system. This dirt often consists of both organic and man-made residues that combine to "grate" at the record wall when a stylus is in the groove. The VC-S removes these impurities in a quick, efficient and cost-effective way to extend the life of your records, and bring greater musical enjoyment to your hi-fi experience.

The VC-S uses a specially-developed "wet" chemical solution to clean the record grooves, and then follows this manual process with a high-power vacuum stage. Check out our 'how-to' video below to see just how simple it is...

The VC-S boasts many characteristics that help it stand apart as a superlative vinyl cleaner. The vacuum technology has been specially selected due to its high power, meaning a record side can be dried in as little two rotations. The motor is also much faster than alternative products, achieving a full rotation in around two seconds. It's also capable of dual-directional rotation, for deeper cleaning of the record groove with the supplied record brush.

The purpose-engineered record clamp is machined from aluminium, and lined with a rubber seal that keeps cleaning fluid away from the record label during use. The clamp also replaces the need for a platter, which could potentially bring dirt into contact with a clean record surface. The vacuum arm is equally robust and easy to use in its mechanically stable fixing (which uses no springs).

The VC-S is supplied with Pro-Ject's newly developed vinyl cleaning solution. Wash-IT offers impressive cleaning results, and also reduces the build-up of static charges on a record. Pro-Ject have also developed a special alcohol-free solution developed for use with older 78rpm shellac records (Wash-IT 78). The VC-S is supplied with all the accessories you need to get started, including 100ml of Wash-IT. Separate accessories, including an optional dust cover and various sizes of Wash-IT cleaning solution, are also available.

  • Complete ready to start package for wet vinyl cleaning
  • Superfast & superstrong cleaning
  • Exhaustion of cleaning liquid from record
  • Completely dry record in 1 or 2 complete rotations
  • Cleaning fluid includes anti-static remedy
  • Label protection is done by waterproof clamp
  • Accessory package includes brush, vinyl cleaning fluid
  • Optional lid (holes for hinges are pre-drilled)

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