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Path Of Most Resistance

BRADOCK, Pepe - Path Of Most Resistance

Path Of Most Resistance

Format: 12"
Cat: ATA 011
Released: 02 Aug 13
Genre: Deep House
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Side 1
1. "Path Of Most Resistance"
Side 2
1. "CU @ Minna & Lafayette"
2. "Unapologetic Weightlessness"
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Out of stock $8.60

If house music was part of your life five years ago there's every chance the dusky sounds of Pepe Bradock's "Path Of Most Resistance" lit up your dancefloor. It's a track that's as much a profound A-side on this EP as was "Deep Burnt" from his seminal Burning 12" (invertly that record's B-side). Swimsuit Issue 1789 was the last record Bradock released on Atavisme before issuing four Imbroglios 12"s during 2012 and 2013, and its B-side tracks, as you'd expect from Bradock, provide more top shelf quality. When it comes to basslines in house music "CU @ Minna & Lafayette" is a production that's up there with what Kevin Saunderson (aka Master Reese) can produce, while "Unapologetic Weightlessness" is a confused, ping ponging jumble of zany electronics lightened by the smooth cascade of a floating synth.

Played by

Girls Of The Internet, Ennio Styles, Pete Dafeet, Mourad Sliti, Lexx, Adam B (Homegrown Music), Ryan Shaw (Eclectic Avenue Records), Simon Morell (FINA RECORDS), Old Spice, Al Bradley (3am Rec's/Mujina C, Ethyl, Jamie Anderson, Ernie (Minuendo Recordings), KHALiB (THC, Easy Killer), Owain Kimber (Owain K), Lukas Micka, Andy Ticker, The Last Trip To Gandahar, TrueSelf, Lerosa, Eamon Harkin, Mister Saturday Night, Ranacat, Alex Dallas, Sasse, Deetron, Jazzadelia, Mehdi, Reade Truth, Carlos Nilmmns, Thatmanmonkz (Shadeleaf Music), Jazztronik (Ryota Nozaki), Toby Tobias, Matador (Junior4 Recs), Andy Bird, Charles Webster, Sean Brosnan, Orlando Voorn, Satore (Hizou Deep Rooted Music), Alkalino, Paul Deighton, Mike W - Kolour LTD, Andy Vaz, Dairmount (Room With A View), Session Victim, Motor City Drum Ensemble, Jason Hodges, Juno Recommends Deep House, Compuphonic, Chubby Dubz, Free Magic, Scott Grooves, Frank Booker, Michel Cleis, Kelvin K - GrassRoots, Baaz, Herb LF, Sygaire, Chicago Skyway, Chamboche, Rodriguez Jr., Astral T (Astral Love Affair), Tyson Ballard, Motor City Drum Ensemble, Ex-Friendly (Truth & Lies Music), Marcello Giordani, Giorgio Luceri, Shane Linehan, Lord Of The Isles, Rio Padice, Cromby, TIJN, Wil Maddams, Djs: Most Charted - Deep House, Fil Lavin, Detroit Swindle, Urulu, DJ GLC (Shift LTD), Jon Brooks (Artfuldivision), Slow Town Records, Mike Sharon, Anaxander, Mike Gill, LODEE GRUV, Keys In Space Recordings, Roots Unit, FUNKYJAWS, Earl Jeffers, Bradford James (DS Records)

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