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To Eternity

Format: CD
Cat: ROCST 11
Released: 01 Sep 08
Genre: Broken Beat/Nu Jazz
Side 1
1. "You Will Return"
2. "Old Time Sermon"
3. "Calling You"
4. "Nothing But The Truth"
5. "Western Soul"
6. "Dig"n'Swing"
7. "Lost"
8. "Against The Grain"
9. "Sugar Coated"
10. "Penny Dreadful"
11. "Back Again"
12. "Say Goodnight"
13. "Unhooked"
14. "To Eternity"
15. "It's Time"
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Bristolian deep beats producer raises the bar for sample-based soul with his debut on Rocstar Recordings. Parker's eagerly anticipated debut album 'To Eternity' is now upon us, and it makes it crystal clear why he's become the name to watch in 2008. Driven by a killer mix of fiercely funky instrumentals and vocal tracks it gently curves from hip hop to jazz, fiery soul, and straight up dance floor bangers with ease. Tempos rise and fall as genres are seamlessly unified by this DJ turned producer's love of mercilessly chopped and edited drum programming, lush orchestration, breathless samples, and blinding vocals. Its mix of vintage sounds, nu-school production, guest vocalists and driving grooves has marked the Bristol native out as a rising star in the UK beats scene. The album's opener 'You Will Return' lays out Parker's intentions from the start, showcasing his talents on the scratches, his approach to sample digging, and trademark blend of heavy beats capped with that soulful touch. Then over the course of the album he treats us to hook-driven breaks, US and UK rap, and epic instrumentals. Lead single 'Sugar Coated' is a soul boogie banger and a high point on the album. Heavily rotated on MTV and dance floors alike, it features fellow Bristolian Sarah Scott. With a vocal delivery to die for, Sarah easily rivals any of today's new breed of female soul stars, and she also gets the chance to win listeners over on two further tracks, 'Nothing But The Truth' and 'Back Again'. She's certainly Parker's muse and delivers a sweet pop sensibility, which gives Parker's production that added touch of class and accessibility. New single 'Western Soul' (named after Parker's favourite Bristol club night) has now been firmly established as a club banger, and has been moving dancing feet far and wide thanks to its soaring melody, neck snap beat and killer vocal from legendary US rapper Rasco which plays heavily on his and Parker's West Coast credentials. From rap to scat as jazz virtuoso Laura Collins gives a stellar performance on 'Dig n' Swing'. Exercising the reaches of her stunning vocal range Laura beautifully compliments Parker's old skool jazz broken beats, producing a track that wouldn't sound out of place in a 1940's music hall. 'Say Goodnight' takes us back to the hip hop but this time with a UK feel. Parker's half time orchestral workout lets up and coming rapper Conrad Watts throw down to the full. The last of the vocal tracks, 'Unhooked', features Irish soulstress Aisling Kelly who supplies a sultry yet haunting vocal that sits perfectly over Parker's dub infused beat, and makes this track a clear nod to the Bristol sound made famous through the likes of Massive Attack. The instrumental side of the album is no less engaging, ranging from b-boy breaks to downtempo film scores. The latter is represented to the full by 'Old Time Sermon', 'Lost', and 'To Eternity', all unique tracks in their own right, but joined together by sweeping strings, banging drums and a high level of emotion. 'Penny Dreadful', however, is what funk is like. The driving bass line, rolling drums and energetic horns all serve to make this track a break dancers dream. With such a high impact debut album Parker is guaranteed to win over hearts, minds and dancing feet before the year is out.

Played by

Parker, Basement Freaks

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