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Kern Vol 3

Format: mixed CD
Cat: KERN 003CD
Released: 05 Jul 16
Genre: Techno
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Side 1
1. Moonraker - "Canobraction"
2. Beatrice Dillon - "Halfway"
3. Aleksi Perala - "UK74R1409037"
4. Seldom Seen - "So So So"
5. Final Cut - "The Escape"
6. Mono Junk - "I'm Okey"
7. Nsi - "Squelch"
8. Echo 106 - "100M Splutter"
9. Future/Past - "Nebula Variation"
10. The Persuader - "What Is The Time, Mr. Templar?"
11. Birdland - "Can U Dance To My Edit?"
12. Pollon - "Lost Souls"
13. Fret - "Stuck"
14. Shanti Celeste - "Lights"
15. Anna Caragnano & Donato Dozzy - "Love Without Sound"
16. Clatterbox - "Aspect Ratio"
17. Via App - "From Across The Room" (edit)
18. TX81Z - "Googol"
19. Polzer - "Static Rectifier"
20. Thomas Heckmann - "Chiswick Days"
21. Sole Tech - "Jit The Anthem (75 South)"
22. Ueno Masaaki - "Supersolid State"
23. Dave Smolen - "Manual Control"
24. Aleksi Perala & Nick Forte - "Untitled (Colundi EveryOne)/Druse"
25. Bee Mask - "Frozen Falls"
26. Marcus Schmickler & Julian Rohrhuber - "Linear Congruence/Intercalation"
27. Ondo Fudd - "Blue Dot"
28. Yair Elazar Glotman - "Oratio Continua" (part 1)
29. Rully Shabara - "Faring"
30. ACI_EDITS - "02"
31. Dresvn - "Bliss" (feat Sensational - DJ Sotofett Raggabalder dubplate version)
32. Machine Woman - "Swedishmanwithtwoblackboxes"
33. Anokie - "Black Knight Satellite"
34. Skarn - "Revolver"
35. Ruff Cherry - "The Empath"
36. The Space Brothers - "Lodore" (Purple Twilight remix)
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Out of stock $9.18
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Kern Volume 3 is Objekt's first commercially available mix and it's clear that he invested an inordinate amount of time and effort into it. Despite being limited to 70 odd minutes, he has crammed a total of 36 tracks into the mix, but it never sounds rushed or frenetic. If anything there is an inordinate amount of space, with Objekt breaking the mix down midway through with the glitch dream textures of Anna Caragnano & Donato Dozzy's "Love Without Sound". Before that happens, there's the abstract woozy intro, supple metallic rhythms, throbbing bass-heavy steppers and atmospheric synth-led electro and the ebm of Jeff Mills' Final Cut band to contend with. Kern also includes a number of rarities, like Kirk De Giorgio's 1992 deep techno classic "Nebula Variation" as Future Past and the jittery 808s of Pollon's "Lost Souls" a one-off release on the short-lived Scopex label. These showcase Objekt's ability to bring forgotten gems to the fore, but would mean little without his masterful programming. This is evident throughout the mix, but is most notable when he moves from The Persuader's foggy techno through Oliver Ho's Birdland edit of Blaze's "My Beat" into the aforementioned Pollon.

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