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Nord Drum 2 Percussion Synthesizer


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The Nord Drum 2 is an analogue modelling percussion synthesizer that allows you to create and play unique drum and percussion sounds.

The Nord Drum 2 brings more sound options and six channels which can be triggered via the Nord Pad or any MIDI enabled device, and now includes MIDI CC control and a stereo output. The Nord Drum 2 features three synthesis engines to get you anything from classic drum machine sounds to realistic acoustic kits, utilising resonance modelling, subtractive and FM synthesis. The Nord Pad is an optional accessory, bringing super responsive pad control and connectivity via Ethernet.

The sounds of the Nord Drum 2 are all synthesized in real time - allowing you to both sculpt and play sounds with a unique dynamic response, regardless if you prefer to play with drum sticks or from a sequencer.

The Tone Section is specialised for creating tonal and harmonically complex sound spectras and has three synthesis modes: Resonant synthesis, subtractive Synthesis and Frequency Modulation synthesis.

The Noise section is all about producing noise and is very powerful. Create anything from silky smooth hiss to grainy gravel to give the Tone part of the sound some texture, strange attack or even an impression of reverb.

The Click section is a specialised section for an ultra short attack to the sound. A wide range of different click type are available as well as a level control for finding the sweet spot where the Click merges with the other elements and becomes one coherent sound.

Each of the 6 channels of the Nord Drum 2 has its own powerful effects: Distortion, EQ and Repeat.

The Channel Mixer sets the level for each channel and also features a Pan control for creating a lush stereo image. If you like to send the kick to a separate output, just pan that channel all the way to the left and the other channels to the right.

When designing the Nord Drum 2, the aim was not only to create an astounding sound engine but also playable and with the lightning fast response you'd expect from a real drum.

In addition, the Nord Drum 2 offers a comprehensive noise section as well as high, low and band-pass filters to really craft and design your tones before being beefed up or completely destroyed via the crush and distortion effects section.

  • 6 channel drum synthesizer
  • Resonance modeling, Subtractive and FM synthesis
  • 6 generic trigger inputs
  • Dedicated Nord Pad input with support for separate Kick trigger/pad
  • MIDI I/O with CC control
  • Stereo output, with pan control
  • Headphones output

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