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DJ Kicks



DJ Kicks


Format: heavyweight vinyl 2xLP + CD
Cat: K7 315LP
Released: 23 Jan 15
Genre: Techno
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Side 1
1. Nina Kraviz - "Mystery (DJ-Kicks)" (7:00)
2. Nikita Zabelin - "So Lonely" (feat Dbridge) (5:30)
Side 2
1. Armando - "Pleasure Dome" (5:32)
2. Plaid - "Oi" (4:56)
Side 3
1. DJ Bone - "The Vibe" (5:03)
2. Freak Electrique - "Parsec" (8:38)
Side 4
1. Polygon Window - "Quino Phec" (4:42)
2. Bradley Strider - "Untitled" (5:58)
Side 5
1. Egotrip - "Dream World (Higher Understanding)" (Acappella)
2. Nina Kraviz - "Mystery" (DJ Kicks)
3. Area - "Broken Glass Everywhere"
4. Prototype 909 - "Atma"
5. Goldie - "Truth"
6. Bjarkie - "Revolution"
7. Nina Kraviz - "IMPRV"
8. Bjarki - "Polygon Pink Toast"
9. Population One/Flatner & Ingram Project/Parrish Smith - "Bonus Beat/Da Comin' /1 0 / 80 Afrika Genocide" (Jay Denham remix - acappella)
10. Breaker 1 2 - "In The Distance"
11. Steve Stoll - "Pop Song"
12. Bradley Strider - "Untitled"
13. Stanislav Tolkachev - "I Will Not Pee In The Pool"
14. Armando - "Pleasure Dome"
15. Nina Kraviz - "Prozimokompleme"
16. Baby Ford - "24 HR"
17. Fred P - "Higher Mentalism" (edit)
18. Exos - "Nuclear Red Guard"
19. Steve Stoll - "Corona"
20. Freak Electrique - "Parsec"
21. Population One - "Out Of Control" (vocal mix)
22. Exos & Octal - "Grow"
23. Porn Sword Tobacco & SVN - "Complaints A"
24. Plaid - "Oi"
25. DJ Bone - "The Vibe"
26. Adam Beyer presents Conceiled Project - "Pattern 1"
27. Polygon Window - "Quino-Phec"
28. Nikita Zabelin - "So Lonely" (feat dBridge)
29. Rhizome - "Corridor"
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in stock $25.93
Shop more: Techno | Nina KRAVIZ/VARIOUS | K7

As with previous editions of DJ Kicks, this double vinyl accompaniment to Nina Kraviz's debut on the long running mix series does not feature all 29 tracks from the fully mixed CD edition. Instead some eight highlights have been chosen to complement those that featured on The Deviant Octopus, a double pack that opened proceedings on the Siberian artist's new label endeavour ????. There is a healthy amount of fine electronic music to enjoy on these two vinyl platters, opening with "Mystery" from Miss Kraviz herself and taking in contributions from Plaid, Armando, DJ Bone, and Polygon Window. The dons at K7! have even thrown in a copy of the mix on CD too. Kraviz completists will be all over this.

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