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Labyrinth Of Memories

VARIOUS - Labyrinth Of Memories


Labyrinth Of Memories

Format: gatefold 2xLP + inserts
Released: 13 Sep 21
Genre: Experimental/Electronic
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Side 1
1. Speedbooth - "Something I Built" (2:48)
2. Teresa Winter - "Ghods Heart" (6:03)
3. Brannten Schnure - "Kleine Wolke" (2:35)
4. People Skills - "Poem For Brant Lowe" (3:42)
5. Kirschstein & Agnes Beil - "Sommerzeit Erntezeit" (4:26)
6. Massimo Del Corpo - "Continuo" (3:40)
7. Hypnotic Sleep - "Fodder Maut Eck Gaohn" (2:28)
Side 2
1. Speedbooth - "Above The Shop" (2:05)
2. A Happy Return - "Ancient Of Days" (1:22)
3. Monokultur - "Inget Att Bry Sig Om" (2:23)
4. Stefan Christensen - "A Week's Pass" (4:35)
5. Jonnine - "Stare Too Long" (4:00)
6. Bobby Would - "Eternal Decision" (3:39)
7. Genghis Cohn - "Butterflies" (1:58)
8. The Fulmars - "Gertrud" (3:36)
Side 3
1. Suburban Cracked Collective - "Karl The Killer" (3:00)
2. Leighton Craig - "Galaxy" (3:03)
3. Pumice - "Necklace On A Necklace" (5:25)
4. Omen - "Can't Look" (3:38)
5. Mosquitoes - "Minus Six" (dub) (3:42)
6. Maxine Funke - "Lucky Penny" (3:23)
7. James & Vanessa - "Yrt" (2:54)
8. Paul Arambula - "On The Shed" (2:25)
Side 4
1. A Method To Exist - "The White Wall Award" (3:14)
2. A Happy Return - "Vision Of A Fool" (1:55)
3. Cucina Povera - "Lintuja" (4:18)
4. Omen - "Go" (1:43)
5. Lauten Der Seele - "Spiegelungen Auf Der Gartenteichfolie" (3:06)
6. Laure Boer - "Constellations" (7:20)
7. Loopsel - "Svalorna" (4:13)
8. Thomas Bush - "Private Dancer" (4:32)
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in stock $34.93

"Romanticism, witchcraft, and necromancy, drifting in an ocean of sentiments." So says Kashual Plastik of this compilation, which seems to transcend not just genre but years, or more accurately from what we can hear, centuries. It's not often you'll find us completely stuck for words, but we are when presented with a track like 'Sommerzeit Erntezeit' by Kirschstein & Agnes Beil. Think woozy sea shanty meeting folklore fireside anthem with waves of synth dropped on top, slowly finding a peculiarly familiar, hypnotic rhythm.

It's just one example from a huge, 31-track collection that refuses to sit anywhere immediately recognisable. This is a place where traditional, avant-garde, ambient, dramatic, chilled out, ancient, and modern collide. One minute it feels like you're in a remote Bulgarian mountain village, the next a future-focused experimental music festival, bathed in the soft blues of spotlights amid some overtly conceptual performance.

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