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Fabric 91

KRAVIZ, Nina/VARIOUS - Fabric 91


Fabric 91

Format: mixed CD
Cat: FABRIC 181
Released: 09 Dec 16
Genre: Techno
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Side 1
1. Species Of Fishes - "Tak"
2. Bedouin Ascent - "Ruthless Compassion"
3. Woody McBride - "TV"
4. DJ Slip - "Jill's Meth" (side A)
5. Tim Taylor, Dan Zamani, Freddie Fresh, DJ Slip - "Iceberg"
6. Soren - "19C"
7. Leo Anibaldi - "Aeon Fusion I"
8. DJ RX-5 - "Like A Boogie"
9. Nikita Zabelin - "Confusion"
10. Bjarki - "Denise It Ain't Easy 2"
11. PTU - "A Broken Clock Is Right Twice A Day"
12. Orange Juice Man - "Huckfuq 3" (Uxi mix)
13. Birk Brainwash - "Deli At Night"
14. Breaker 1 2 - "Sueno Malo"
15. Panasonic - "Murtaja"
16. Birk Brainwash - "Goyfax"
17. Beverly Hills 808303 - "Acid Planet 4 - A2"
  18. Kirlian - "Porzellangasse Grooves"
19. Species Of Fishes - "Crash Recovery"
20. Frak - "First Snow In Harlem"
21. Species Of Fishes - "Bfg9000 Vs Barons Of Hell"
22. Biogen - "Irrelevant Information"
23. Biogen - "Lag 38"
24. Species Of Fishes - "Sh"
25. New Composers & Pete Namlook - "Tetra"
26. Unit Moebius - "Radar"
27. Nina Kraviz - "You Are Wrong"
28. Torul V - "Denwer"
29. Nina Kraviz - "Pochuvstvui"
30. Mike Henk - "Dox-003 Untitled B1"
31. Woody McBride - "The Power Hour"
32. Christian Bloch - "Refuse"
33. DJ Tuttle - "Universe Of Love"
34. Woody McBride - "Prolonged"
35. Drax LTD II - "Amphetamine" (Air Liquide remix)
36. Claude Young - "Locked"
37. Negative Return - "First Light"
38. Air Liquide - "Revelation"
39. Automatic Sound Unlimited - "Approaching"
40. The Detroit Escalator Co. - "Fate (As A Chasm)"
41. AFX - "Fork Rave"
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Out of stock $5.84
Shop more: Techno | Nina KRAVIZ/VARIOUS | Fabric

It would be fair to say that Nina Kraviz has pulled out all the stops for her first contribution to Fabric's long-running mix series. In typical techno titan style, she's decided to blur the boundaries between DJ set and production, piecing together elements of no less than 41 different cuts in a staggeringly impressive, 76-minute voyage through electronic sound. There are becalmed ambient moments, bouts of locked-in dancefloor hypnotism, off-kilter rhythms, experimental interludes, and thumping, late night workouts. Along the way, she finds time to include cuts from legendary Italian techno sorts Leo Anibaldi and Automatic Sound Unlimited, young Trip producer Bjarki, the mighty Aphex Twin, Swedish mentalists Frak, and Finnish sound designers Pan Sonic.

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