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KMS 25th Anniversary Classics: 2.5 Decades Of Techno


Format: unmixed 4xCD
Released: 01 Aug 12
Genre: Techno
Side 1
1. Kreem - "Triangle Of Love"
2. Reese - "Sound"
3. Reese - "Just Want Another Chance"
4. Reese & Santonio - "How To Play Our Music"
5. Keynotes - "Let's, Let's, Let's, Let's Dance"
6. Reese & Sanantonio - "Bounce Your Body To The Box"
7. Kevin Saunderson - "The Groove That Wont Stop"
8. Reese & Santonio - "Truth Of Self Evidence"
9. Symbols & Instruments - "Mood"
10. Reese - "Rock To The Beat"
11. Nexus 21 - "Still Life (Keeps Moving)" (feat Donna Black)
12. Kaos - "Definition Of Love"
13. MK - "Somebody New"
Side 2
1. The Reese Project - "Direct Me"
2. Tronikhouse - "Smooth Groove"
3. Tronikhouse - "Speaker Pushing" (The Dirty mix)
4. Reese - "Station Of The Groove"
5. Tronikhouse - "Sparkplug"
6. Reese - "Bassline"
7. Tronikhouse - "Straight Outta Hell"
8. Tronikhouse - "Uptempo"
9. The Reese Project - "Colour Of Love"
10. Chez Damier - "Can You Feel It"
11. Fix - "Flash"
12. Chez Damier - "I Never Knew Love"
13. Reese - "Funky Funk Funk"
14. Inner City - "Do Ya" (Carl Craig Build Up mix)
Side 3
1. Inner City - "Back Together Again" (Reese Phuture dub)
2. R-Tyme - "Use Me" (Carl Craig Piano remix)
3. Urban Culture - "The Wonders Of Wishing"
4. E-Dancer - "Pump The Move"
5. Esser'ay - "Forces"
6. Inner City - "Share My Life" (Chez N Trent vocal dub)
7. Kosmic Messenger - "Soundscape" (Intricate mix)
8. Inner City - "Ahnongay"
9. E-Dancer - "World Of Deep"
10. E-Dancer - "Feel The Mood"
11. E-Dancer - "Velocity Funk"
12. Gary Martin - "Cosa Cougat"
Side 4
1. Inner City - "Good Life" (Recreated mix)
2. Inner City - "Big Fun" (Simian Mobile Disco remix)
3. Inner City - "Good Love" (Luciano remix)
4. Phil Agosta - "Tribute To Detroit" (Agent X)
5. Brandon De Carlo - "Forever & A Day"
6. Kwaku Saunderson - "The Orb"
7. Phil Agosta - "Master Of The Drum"
8. Kevin Saunderson & Kweku Saunderson - "Roll On" (Rick Perez remix)
9. Inner City - "Say Something"
10. Reese - "Rock To The Beat" (feat Ann Saunderson - Christian Smith & John Selway remix - Kevin Saunderson vocal edit)
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Amazingly, it's some 25 years since Kevin Saunderson launched his KMS label. To celebrate, he's put together an expansive, four-disc collection featuring greatest hits, personal faves and forgotten gems. As you'd expect, the tracklist is dominated by Saunderson's own techno and house productions under a variety of guises - Reese, Inner City, E-Dancer etc - and there are plenty of familiar favourites ("The Groove That Won't Stop", "Good Life", "Big Fun" etc). That said, there's also a clutch of lesser-known cuts from illustrious names, including MK and Chez Damier, plus a clutch of remixes from the likes of Luciano, Simian Mobile Disco and Carl Craig. In a word: essential.

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What do you think of this release?

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