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Jomox MBrane 11 Analog Percussion Synthesizer


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The M.Brane 11 is a great sounding, dedicated percussion module with a real analog sound production. Actually it is a single voice analog synthesizer which is optimized for producing membrane-like snare/percussion drum sounds.

The M.Brane 11 is fully controllable by MIDI. Furthermore, there is an audio input provided to trigger the sound by a drum pad piezo pick up or an external audio signal. The usage of this unique drum module is simple and self-explaining at most points.

2 analog T-bridge oscillators become electronic membranes. Why? Because they can be coupled, and their dampening can be controlled. Then add a little noise, add a little envelope, and the brand new electronic percussion synthesizer of Jomox is ready.

But because this would have just been too simple, everything is storable again and controllable by MIDI. You can use this small box either in a live setup driven by a hardware sequencer or in a production as very versatile synth in order to create incredible analog electronic percussions.

  • Percussion synthesizer
  • 2 T-OSC, each of tune and dampening adjustable, both couplings in either direction adjustable
  • Presets: 110 (10 x user RAM, 100 x flash)
  • Sound engine: fully analog with storable parameters
  • 2 x analog envelopes for membranes and noise that are controlled by one parameter (decay)
  • White noise, metal noise with 65535 different noise pattern combinations
  • Trigger gate time 0.5ms-10ms, up to 4-times multi trigger possible
  • 8 wave forms LFO: saw +/-, sine +/-, tri +/-, rect +/-, modulates the pitch of one or both the T-OSC, starts always syncronous to the note trigger and is pitch envelope at the same time
  • Display: LED 7 segment 3 x digits
  • MIDI I/O
  • 1 x data wheel, 1 x potentiometer, 5 x buttons, 16 x LEDs for parameters and functions
  • 1 x mono output with 1/4" RCA jack
  • External analog trigger input, sensitivity adjustable
  • External wall wart adapter 9V DC
  • Weight: 0.5kg
  • Size: 145mm x 155mm x 35mm

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