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Eleven Classic Albums

COLTRANE, John - Eleven Classic Albums

Eleven Classic Albums

Format: 6xCD box
Released: 27 Nov 19
Genre: Jazz
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Side 1
1. "Bakaki" (CD 1: Coltrane (1957))
2. "Violets For Your Furs"
3. "Time Was"
4. "Straight Street"
5. "While My Lady Sleeps"
6. "Chronic Blues"
7. "Blue Train" (Blue Train (1957))
8. "Moment's Notice"
9. "Locomotion"
Side 2
1. "I'm Old Fashioned" (CD 2: Blue Train (1957) (Cont.))
2. "Lazy Bird"
3. "Good Bait" (Soultrane (1958))
4. "I Want To Talk About You"
5. "You Say You Care"
6. "Theme For Ernie"
7. "Russian Lullaby"
8. "Giant Steps" (Giant Steps (1960))
9. "Cousin Mary"
10. "Countdown"
Side 3
1. "Spiral" (CD 3: Giant Steps (1960) (Cont.))
2. "Syeeda's Song Flute"
3. "Naima"
4. "Mr PC"
5. "Like Someone In Love" (Lush Life (1961))
6. "I Love You"
7. "Trane's Solo Blues"
8. "Lush Life"
9. "I Hear A Rhapsody"
10. "Africa" (Africa/Brass (1961))
Side 4
1. "Greensleeves" (CD 4: Africa/Brass (1961) (Cont.))
2. "Lues Minor"
3. "Little Old Lady" (Coltrane Jazz (1961))
4. "Village Blues"
5. "My Shining Hour"
6. "Fifth House"
7. "Harmonique"
8. "Like Sonny"
9. "I'll Wait & Pray"
10. "Some Other Blues"
11. "My Favorite Things" (My Favorite Things (1961))
Side 5
1. "Everytime We Say Goodbye" (CD 5: My Favorite Things (1961) (Cont.))
2. "Summertime"
3. "But Not For Me"
4. "Ole" (Ole Coltrane (1962))
5. "Dahomey Dance"
6. "Aisha"
7. "Blues To Elvin" (Coltrane Plays The Blues (1962))
Side 6
1. "Blues To Bechet" (CD 6: Coltrane Plays The Blues (1962) (Cont.))
2. "Blues To You"
3. "Mr Day"
4. "Mr Syms"
5. "Mr Knight"
6. "Out Of This World" (Coltrane (1962))
7. "Soul Eyes"
8. "The Inch Worm"
9. "Tunji"
10. "Miles' Code"
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in stock $7.54

If you happen to be lacking John Coltrane in your collection, here's the perfect opportunity to fill the gap in comprehensive style. As one of the true masters of jazz, no music lover should be without these records. Reel To Reel have handily bundled no less than 11 of his finest albums onto 6 CDs for a crash course in Coltrane's magical sound, of course leading in with classics like "Blue Train", "Giant Steps" and "Lush Life", but also spanning "Coltrane Plays The Blues" and many more. That most of these records came out within a two to three year period is frankly mind-boggling - take the opportunity to play catch up with one of modern music's greatest.

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