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Sight Sound & Space

MILLS, Jeff - Sight Sound & Space

Sight Sound & Space

Format: 3xCD in hard-back book sleeve + 50 page booklet
Cat: AXCD 054
Released: 14 Oct 19
Genre: Techno
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Side 1
1. "Perfecture" (CD1: Sight)
2. "Deckard"
3. "Le Mer Et C Est Un Caractere"
4. "Homing Device"
5. "The Never Ending Study"
6. "The Drive Home"
7. "Parallelism In Fate"
8. "Devices"
9. "Transformation B (Rotwang S Revenge)"
10. "Sleepy Time"
11. "Multi-Dimensional"
12. "Descending Eiffel Stairs"
Side 2
1. "The Hunter" (CD2: Sound)
2. "The Bells"
3. "4Art"
4. "The 25th Hour"
5. "Growth"
6. "Spiral Galaxy"
7. "Microbe"
8. "Jade"
9. "Where The Shadows Have Motives"
10. "Flying Machines"
11. "Compression-Release"
12. "Into The Body"
13. "The Resolution"
14. "Spiral Therapy"
Side 3
1. "Introduction" (Phase 1-3 - CD3: Space)
2. "Mercury" (Residue mix)
3. "Unreleased002"
4. "Unreleased003"
5. "The Industry Of Dreams"
6. "Stabilizing The Spin"
7. "G-Star"
8. "Planet X"
9. "The Worker's Party"
10. "Daphnis (Keeler S Gap)"
11. "Outer Space"
12. "Unreleased005"
13. "Self-Portrait"
14. "Aitken Basin"
15. "Deadly Rays (Of A Hot White Sun)"
16. "Medians"
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in stock $29.02
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Given his length of service and the sheer volume of music he's put out, it would be fair to say that a Jeff Mills career retrospective is well overdue. Happily, as "best of" compilations go, "Sight, Sound & Space" is up there with the best. The three discs boast no less than 42 tracks plucked from Mills archives - and those of his Axis Records imprint - with the accompanying 50-page booklet containing detailed commentary on each by the man himself. It's a superb package for both fans and newcomers alike, with the decidedly intergalactic and alien-sounding tracks perfectly summarizing the breadth and depth of his far-sighted work (think Motor City techno anthems, heavy loop jams, sci-fi fuelled electronic soundscapes, neo-classical soundtrack comp, heady ambient works and early morning minimalist club jams).

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