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MILLS, Jeff - Planets

Planets (1 per customer)

Format: limited 9x7" picture disc box set
Cat: AX 073
Released: 13 Jun 17
Genre: Techno
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in stock $206.78
Side 1
1. "Mercury" (Classical version) (1:53)
Side 2
  2. "Mercury" (original Sketch)
Side 3
1. "Venus" (Classical version) (3:28)
Side 4
  2. "Venus" (original Sketch)
Side 5
1. "Earth" (Classical version) (3:43)
Side 6
  2. "Earth" (original Sketch)
Side 7
1. "Mars" (Classical version) (3:30)
Side 8
  2. "Mars" (original Sketch)
Side 9
1. "Jupiter" (Classical version) (3:09)
Side 10
  2. "Jupiter" (original Sketch)
Side 11
1. "Saturn" (Classical version) (4:32)
Side 12
  2. "Saturn" (original Sketch)
Side 13
1. "Uranus" (Classical version) (2:59)
Side 14
  2. "Uranus" (original Sketch)
Side 15
1. "Neptune" (Classical version) (2:52)
Side 16
  2. "Neptune" (original Sketch)
Side 17
1. "Pluto" (Classical version) (2:55)
Side 18
  2. "Pluto" (original Sketch)
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in stock $206.78
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Jeff Mills, the legendary Detroit techno pioneer who has been praised and worshipped by everyone club kid over the age of 18 since the late 80s, has focussed his efforts more on the classical side of music in more recent years. His gigs at the Barbican over the last few years, for example, are the shows to which he's dedicated most of his attention to, and it somehow all makes perfect sense. Although legendary tunes like "The Bells" or "Amazon" are straight-up dance floor bombs, there has always been a feeling that Mills' tunes were composed of something more than mere kick drums and monophonic instruments. This new album, Planets, sees the artist showcase the role of science fiction and of an imagined order prominently, something he's always been fascinated with. The likes of "Mercury", "Venus", "Earth" and the rest of the cosmos make more sense here than they do in the academic books; much like the great Sun Ra, it's almost as if these artists have found a simpler, more instinctive way to transmit the power of the universe. And that's through sound. The price might seem hefty, but this will be regarded as a very important release in the future. A fantastic journey through space and time.

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