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Format: LP
Cat: FAIT 17LP
Released: 01 May 18
Genre: Experimental/Electronic
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Side 1
1. "Alice Schwarzer, Is It True That You're A Person Of Great Tenacity?" (2:10)
2. "John Cage, I've Been Told To Ask You The Following Question: Where Are You Going?" (2:58)
3. "Hubert Fichte, Your Journey Through Life Has Been Full Of Twists & Turns. Please Tell Us When & Where This Journey Began!" (2:18)
4. "Slavoj Zizek, What Signs Were There Of The Imminent Dissolution Of Yugoslavia?" (1:52)
5. "Joseph Beuys, It Was You Who Said: Democracy Is So Big One Can Only Sing About It: You Recently Made Your Debut As A Singer: Which Democracy Are You Singing About?" (3:05)
6. "Lady Gaga, You Once Said In An Interview That You Write Music For The Fashion Industry: Is Fashion As Important To You As Music?" (2:13)
Side 2
1. "Ernst Jandl, What Are Your Plans For Language: Revolution, Reform, Revolt?" (1:57)
2. "Karlheinz Stockhausen, Which Difficulties Are Involved In Conserving Electronic Music On Magnetic Tape?" (2:23)
3. "Marcel Duchamp, Would You Like Or Expect People To Spin The Wheel On Your Kinetic Object Roue De Bicyclette?" (2:19)
4. "Friederike Mayrocker, When You Write, Do You Feel Like The Creator Of The Work Or More Like A Medium?" (3:12)
5. "Yoko Ono, You Were Born Into A Rich, Aristocratic Family In Tokyo. Do You See That In Yourself?" (2:08)
6. "Max Ernst, This Is The First Time In Twenty-Five Years That You've Returned To Your Old Home Town, To The Cathedral In Cologne, Right?" (2:02)
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in stock $15.11

Over the years, Jan Jelinek has been responsible for some fantastically inventive experimental records. His latest is a concept album inspired by a radio play he wrote for German radio, in which every collage-style track was crafted from an interview with a different public figure (these include Yoko Ono, Marcel Duchamp, John Cage and Lady Gaga). These vocal excerpts, which include non-verbal sounds as well as speech, were also used to control a synthesizer. While the nuts and bolts are pretty far-sighted and next level, the results are actually rather enjoyable and easy to listen to. For every dystopian, mind-altering cut-up track, there are four or five others that veer closer to left-of-centre ambient bliss. It's an intriguing and hugely entertaining collection, all told.

Played by

Kamran Sadeghi

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