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Balance 029

ZABIELA, James/VARIOUS - Balance 029


Balance 029

Format: mixed 2xCD
Cat: BAL 022CD
Released: 15 Feb 18
Genre: Minimal/Tech House
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in stock $19.80
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Balance Music Australia
Side 1
1. Sapphire Slows/Kornel Kovacs/Barry Lynn - "Silent Escape/Szikra/Alpha Tauri"
2. Earlham Mystics - "Truth"
3. B12 - "Untold"
4. VC-118A - "Face The Waves"
5. Grandbrothers - "Bloodflow"
6. Sad City - "Steady Jam"
7. Talaboman, Francisco Branda - "Safe Changes/Hyena"
8. Ecco Foul - "Gloss"
9. Pye Corner Audio/HOLOVR - "Dead Ends/Into Light"
10. Debussy/Island People - "Reverie 68 (Second Story & Appleblim Rework)/Distance 7"
11. Oddhoody - "The Deep"
12. Merrin Karras/Pev & Kowton - "Void/Junked"
13. Davis - "Plenitude"
14. Ozel AB - "Positronic Dreams"
15. OOBE - "Crush Mind"
16. Courser - "Distances"
17. James Zabiela - "Vines"
18. AAAA/Architectural - "Jazz D/Cubismo 8.2"
Side 2
1. Goldmund/Earlham Mystics/Steve Hauschildt - "Thread/Waters/Horizon Of Appearances"
2. Radio Slave/Avalon Emerson - "Children Of The E/The Frontier" (Kink SP1200 mix)
3. James Zabiela - "X-Ray"
4. Mak & Pasteman/Pisetzky - "Pulses/Vahana"
5. Lanark Artefax/John Beltran - "Touch Absence/Under This Sky"
6. Lawrence - "Simmer" (Lake People remix)
7. Solitary Dancer/Chambray/Silas & Snare/Redlight - "Paradise Found/Cerulean/Memories/City Jams" (Rapture version)
8. Lake People, Truncate - "Delusive/WRKTRX 3"
9. Rod/Plant43 - "Pull/Frozen Monarch" (with Christina)
10. Sinfol - "Crystalline" (feat Barbara Ford)
11. Steve Parker - "Acid Planet"
12. Fabrizio Lapiana/SHDW & Obscure Shape - "Far Away/Augen Der Nacht" (Ryan James Ford version)
13. Benjamin Damage - "Montreal"
14. Mark Henning/Special Request/Wata Igarashi - "Expander Six/Carex Vesicaria/Lucifero"
15. Paper Dollhouse - "Crayons"
16. A Sagittariun/Anthony Linell - "Vanishing Point/Fractal Vision"
17. Hans Berg/Sine Sleeper - "N Dreams/Closing"
18. J Mono - "Sspses"
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in stock $19.80

For his first mix CD in some seven years, James Zabiela has pulled out all the stops. The brilliantly programmed and executed, studio style mix-up contains elements of an impressive 58 tracks across the two discs, which are designed as distinctive "Acts". Act 1 (that's CD1 in old money) is a largely downtempo affair geared towards home listening - a melodious and other-worldly sound soup containing everything from neo-classical reworks and off-kilter ambience to slo-mo progressive house, to mangled R&B breakbeat and lucid, head-in-the-clouds tech-house. Act 2 is an all-out dancefloor assault on the senses, with Zabiela speeding through bombastic, acid-powered jack-tracks, trancey tech-house, raw electro, sparkling techno futurism and grandiose sunrise anthems. It must have been a lot of work, but it makes for magical listening.

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