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House: The Vocal Session 2014

Format: unmixed 2xCD
Cat: ZYX 82716-2
Released: 27 Feb 14
Genre: Funky/Club House
Side 1
1. Dreiundzwanzig - "Komodo 2k14" (vocal radio edit)
2. DJ Antoine vs Mad Mark - "House Party" (feat B Case & U Jean - Airplay edit)
3. Christian Burns & Paul Van Dyk - "We Are Tonight" (Las Salinas radio edit)
4. Hardwell - "Dare You" (feat Matthew Koma - radio edit)
5. Fuego - "El Diablo 2k14" (Falko Niestolik radio mix)
6. Patrick Miller - "Who's Gonna Know" (David Mat Short mix)
7. Bodybangers - "Pump Up The Jam" (radio edit)
8. Bryce - "Were In Heaven" (radio edit)
9. BK Duke vs Paul & Simon - "Paris Latino" (feat J Malik - DJ DNK remix)
10. Stefan Rio - "Prove Your Love" (Bigroom edit)
11. DJ Kuba & Ne!tan - "Body Move (Jump)" (feat Nicco - radio edit)
12. UDC - "Set You Free" (feat Danny D & Mona Lace - radio edit)
13. Dave Kurtis - "My Own"
14. Karami - "Ultra (Story Of Our Lives)" (original edit)
15. Jim Noize - "Last Time" (feat DJ Xtreme - radio edit)
16. Bomb N Amato - "The Key, The Secret" (original edit)
17. Pajaam - "She" (radio mix)
18. FI/CU - "No Cash, No Money" (radio edit)
19. DJ TI-S - "One Day In Our Life" (feat Hannah Brown - radio mix)
20. Marc Korn & Clubraiders - "Everybody Likes To Party" (feat Orry Jackson - Djane Housekat remix edit)
21. Mason vs Princess Superstar - "Perfect (Exceeder)" (outwork vocal radio edit)
22. LYCK - "Sleepless" (feat Noble - radio edit)
Side 2
1. Mike Candy vs Shaun Baker - "Heaven & Hell" (feat Evelyn)
2. Lavika - "Summer" (Micheal Fall remix edit)
3. Sean Finn - "Dirty Moves" (feat Dia - radio edit)
4. Picco - "Somebody To Love" (club radio edit)
5. PH Electro & Smolniy - "Lift Your Soul" (PH Electro coice edit)
6. Turbo B - "Last Coll For Alcohol" (Falko Niestolik short edit)
7. Alex Greed & Swooney - "Bounce" (feat Palace)
8. Nera - "Tonight Is The Night" (original edit)
9. Plastik Funk & DJ Teddy O - "Do It Like Me" (feat Ying Yang Twins - radio edit)
10. Sam Walkertone - "Day Of Regret" (feat Melissa Heiduk - radio edit)
11. Tony Star - "Livin For Tonight" (feat Sophie White - original edit)
12. Team Lazy - "Stay In Bed" (Frenk DJ & Daniele Sorrenti radio remix)
13. Markus Binapel - "Dont You Know" (radio edit)
14. House Rockerz - "Arme Nach Oben" (radio edit)
15. Jus Hu - "I Miss U" (Experience The Music house edit)
16. Kid One - "Rappers Delight" (feat Bootmasters - Major Tosh remix edit)
17. Disco Troopers - "Take Off" (radio edit)
18. Smash - "Stop The Time" (radio edit)
19. Steve Cypress - "Burn It Down" (feat Pit Bailay - video edit)
20. GOOS - "Abracadabra" (original radio edit)
21. Cassey Doreen - "Love Takes Over" (feat Pit Bailay - original edit)
22. Armin Van Buuren - "This Is What It feels Like" (feat Trevor Guthrie - radio edit)
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