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Hercules HDP DJ Pro M1001 Headphones


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The construction and design of the Hercules HDP DJ-Pro M1001 professional DJ headphones is somewhat of a mixed bag. The Hercules M1001 headphones are made up of almost completely plastic making them easy to wear for long periods of time and also making it light in weight for transport. On the downside, the light plastic feels like it may not hold up to much abuse or to Mobile DJ's who are constantly on-the-go with their set of headphones. Even the key joint areas that bend and swivel are also full-plastic construction which means DJs will need to be careful not to drop or hit them when handling and using these headphones. The earcups can fold, swivel, and rotate very extensively to give DJs their optimal position for monitoring. This gives the Hercules M1001 lots of diversity and this is where the headphones will appeal to more users than other top brands that do not swivel or fold in a similar manner. The earcups themselves contain 50mm drivers to handle deep bass and to also completely cover the ears for excellent sound isolation and adequate non-powered Noise-cancelling to get rid of the outside sounds. They fit nice and snug without actually squeezing your head. The earcup and headband pads are very comfortable and soft with a leather-like material covering them for ultimate comfort. The headband is also extendable to fit any size head comfortably. There is a removable cable that can attach to either the left or right earcup depending on where a DJ would rather have this connection. Hercules also included a gold-plated mini-to-quarter-inch adapter so they can plug into any piece of equipment you need.

The Hercules HDP M1001 DJ headphones have excellent sound quality. The Hercules M1001 headphones even handled well with distorted and super-loud monitoring conditions without any degradation to the sound quality. The sound isolation is one of the best that I've reviewed as each earcup fits nice and snug over-the-ears that does a great job at eliminating background noise without the use of batteries and other technologies. None of the frequency ranges bled over into the others during out 2 hour stress-test period.

In conclusion, The Hercules HDP M1001 DJ headphones are recommended for any user who needs an over-the-ear professional grade headphone monitoring solution that has great sound quality and a competitive price to match.

  • Drivers tailored for analytic listening: great for DJ monitoring, studio and production
  • Enough decibels to preview even close to PA speakers
  • Strong playback level on any audio output
  • Super-wide frequency bandwidth, to analyze any audible frequency
  • Clear playback for deep bass response
  • Stylish design
  • 1-curve design: headphones form a curve from one ear to the other
  • Black fabric, matte housing with blue lines, glossy plating on top of ear-cups
  • Swivel housing for any use and any DJ
  • Easy 1-ear monitoring
  • Easy folding for mobility
  • Extending arms for large and small heads
  • Effective passive noise cancelling
  • Soft, large ear pads isolate the DJ's ears from ambient noise
  • Closed-back ear-cups prevent sound from bleeding out
  • Comfortable for long-wearing listening
  • Headphones don't press on the user's head, thanks to the ear pads' width and softness, forming a barrier around the ears
  • Cable connection on left or right ear-cup, adaptable for both right and left-handed DJs
  • Single-wire plug with ambidextrous design (connects to user's choice of left or right ear-cups)
  • Earpiece supports horizontal rotation (90 degree) for folding and transport, and to direct the earpiece toward the user's ear when headphones are worn around the neck
  • Earpiece supports vertical rotation (90 degree) inward to fold the headphones for transport
Frequency Range 5-30000Hz
Impedance (ohms) 32
Sensitivity (dB/mW) 107
Driver Unit 50mm
Magnet Type 24mm magnet diameter
Cord Type Coiled cable
Accessories 6.35mm stereo jack adapter

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