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Balance Presents: Natura Sonoris

Format: mixed 2xCD
Cat: BAL 21CD
Released: 14 Jul 17
Genre: Minimal/Tech House
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Side 1
1. Henry Saiz - "Lone Wolf (A Reality Mendley)"
2. Hal Icandenza - "Contacto"
3. Bufi - "Bird Song"
4. RIP Bestia - "African Wedding Ceremony" (JMII Sagrada Familia remix)
5. Landikhan - "Veneno Mortal" (RIP Bestia Acid Antidote JP 8080)
6. A Friend Of Marcus - "She Who Annihilates + Samples From Henry Saiz Our Discovery"
7. Damabiah - "Sur Les Genoux De L'automne" (Henry Saiz remix)
8. Joep Mencke - "Sonder"
9. Tentacle - "Goliath" (Brassica remix)
10. Henry Saiz - "Secrets" (Tuff City Kids remix & Brassica remix)
11. Marc Marzenit - "The Walrus" (Samples From Henry Saiz 'The Nothing')
12. Victoria Rodriguez - "Moon On A Bright Day"
13. Brian Cid - "Luminous Black + Samples From Hal Incandenza Ventura"
14. Henry Saiz & Tentacle - "The Prophetess"
Side 2
1. Henry Saiz & Tentacle - "The Prophetess"
2. Henry Saiz - "The Light" (bRUNA remix 2017 Master)
3. Sistema - "Entree" (Henry Saiz remix)
4. Henry Saiz - "Rave Flute + Samples From Henry Saiz Moonlight Wolf"
5. Petar Dundov & Henry Saiz - "Infinite Promises + Samples From Henry Saiz Sleepwalk"
6. NVSBL - "Woodhouse" (Henry Saiz remix)
7. Henry Saiz - "Death Drive (Eduardo De La Calle Remix)/The Pendulum + Melody From Voltarec Sandman"
8. Henry Saiz & Cora Novoa - "Golden Dawn" (Brynjolfur Dream mix)
9. Henry Saiz - "September + Samples From Marc Marzenit Track For The End"
10. Henry Saiz - "Spiricom (See You Soon)" (Hal Incandenza remix)
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in stock $11.33

The bods behind Australia's Balance label were chuffed with Henry Saiz's 2011 contribution to their long-running mix series, so asked him to provide another volume. Saiz decided to use it as an excuse to promote his Natura Sonoris label, gathering together two discs worth of previously unreleased material from his growing roster of artists. To make it extra special, he also utilized an impressive array of homemade field recordings. The resultant two disc throw-down is undeniably magical, with Saiz shuffling his way through deep and trippy tech-house, rubbery dancefloor electronica, drowsy ambient, fuzzy Balearic house, hushed late night grooves and becalmed experimental soundscapes. Oh, and a dash of "tropical pagan" (look it up: it's definitely a thing).

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