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Harry Potter: The John Williams Soundtrack Collection (Soundtrack)

WILLIAMS, John - Harry Potter: The John Williams Soundtrack Collection (Soundtrack)

Harry Potter: The John Williams Soundtrack Collection (Soundtrack)

Format: limited 7xCD box set
Cat: LLLCD 1476
Released: 07 Apr 21
Genre: Soundtracks
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Side 1
1. "The Prologue - Privet Drive" (CD1: Harry Potter & The Sorcerer's Stone (2001) - The Film Score)
2. "Visit To The Zoo"
3. "Don't Burn My Letter"
4. "Letters From Hogwarts"
5. "Harry's Wish & Hagrid's Entrance"
6. "You're A Wizard, Harry"
7. "Diagon Alley & The Gringotts Vault" (extended version)
8. "Harry Gets His Wand"
9. "Hagrid's Flashback"
10. "Platform Nine & Three Quarters"
11. "Chocolate Frog Escapes"
12. "The Journey To Hogwarts"
13. "Through The Doors"
14. "House Selection"
15. "Entry Into The Great Hall & The Banquet"
16. "Lonely First Night"
17. "The Daily Prophet"
18. "Mr Longbottom Flies"
19. "The Moving Stairs"
20. "Introduction To Quidditch"
21. "Hermione's Feather"
22. "Fighting The Troll"
23. "Owl Delivers Nimbus 2000"
24. "The Quidditch Match"
Side 2
1. "Hagrid's Christmas Tree" (CD2: Harry Potter & The Sorcerer's Stone (2001) - The Film Score - Continued)
2. "Cast A Christmas Spell"
3. "Christmas Morning & The Invisibility Cloak"
4. "The Mirror Of Erised & A Change Of Season"
5. "Hermione's Reading"
6. "The Norwegian Ridgeback"
7. "Filch's Fond Remembrance"
8. "The Dark Forest"
9. "The Stone"
10. "Running To McGonagall"
11. "Neville Stiffens"
12. "Fluffy's Harp Lullaby"
13. "In The Devil's Snare"
14. "The Flying Keys"
15. "The Chess Game" (extended version)
16. "The Face Of Voldemort"
17. "Love, Harry"
18. "Gryffindor Wins The House Cup"
19. "Leaving Hogwarts"
20. "Harry's Wondrous World" (extended version)
21. "Hedwig's Theme"
Side 3
1. "Prologue (Hedwig's Flight)" (CD3: Harry Potter & The Sorcerer's Stone (2001) - Children's Suite For Orchestra)
2. "Hogwarts Forever"
3. "Voldemort"
4. "Nimbus 2000"
5. "Fluffy's Harp"
6. "Quidditch"
7. "Family Portrait"
8. "Diagon Alley"
9. "Harry's Wondrous World"
10. "Hagrid's Flute" (Additional music)
11. "The Leaky Cauldron" (Additional music)
12. "Hedwig's Theme For Harp" (Additional music)
13. "Teaser" (Additional music)
14. "Hogwarts Forever" (vocal version - Additional music)
15. "Logo" (Additional music)
16. "Owl's Flight" (Additional music)
17. "Television Commercial" (Additional music)
18. "Trailer" (Additional music)
Side 4
1. "Prologue: Book II" (CD4: Harry Potter & The Chamber Of Secrets (2002) - The Film Score)
2. "Vernon Gathers Family/Enter Dobby"
3. "Dobby Warns Harry"
4. "The Escape From The Dursleys"
5. "Magical Household & Letters From Hogwarts"
6. "Borgin & Burkes"
7. "Knockturn Alley"
8. "Flourish & Blotts/Harry Meets Lucius Malfoy"
9. "The Train Station & The Flying Car"
10. "Whomping Willow & The Car Escapes"
11. "Filch's Warning & Boys Receive Detention"
12. "Introducing Colin/Errol Delivers Mail"
13. "Gilderoy Lockhart"
14. "Cornish Pixies"
15. "Eat Slugs"
16. "Hermione & Hagrid"
17. "The Writing On The Wall"
18. "Dumbledore's Caution"
19. "The Library & Transformation Class"
20. "Quidditch, Second Year"
21. "Petrified Colin"
22. "Moaning Myrtle Appears"
23. "The Dueling Club" (extended version)
24. "Harry Is A Parselmouth"
25. "Petrified Justin"
26. "Harry Meets Fawkes"
27. "Christmas Break"
28. "Cakes For Crabbe And Goyle/Polyjuice Potion"
29. "Potion Wears Off/The Diary"
Side 5
1. "Meeting Tom Riddle" (CD5: Harry Potter & The Chamber Of Secrets (2002) - The Film Score - Continued)
2. "Ransacked Dormitory & Petrified Hermione"
3. "Dad's Cloak & Hagrid's Arrest"
4. "Follow The Spiders"
5. "Meeting Aragog"
6. "The Spiders Attack"
7. "Car Drives Off/It's A Basilisk"
8. "Ginny Gets Snatched"
9. "Myrtle's Tale"
10. "The Chamber Opens & The Search For Ginny"
11. "Dueling The Basilisk"
12. "Fawkes Heals Harry"
13. "Dumbledore & Harry"
14. "Lucius Returns/Dobby Is Freed"
15. "Reunion Of Friends"
16. "Harry's Wondrous World" (End Credits Suite)
17. "Fawkes The Phoenix" (End Credits Suite)
18. "The Chamber Of Secrets" (End Credits Suite)
19. "Dobby The House Elf" (Additional music)
20. "Prologue: Book II" (alternate - Additional music)
21. "Filch's Warning" (alternate - Additional music)
22. "Introducing Colin" (alternate - Additional music)
23. "Transformation Class" (alternate Segment - Additional music)
24. "Petrified Colin" (alternate - Additional music)
25. "Christmas Break" (short version - Additional music)
26. "Follow The Spiders" (alternate - Additional music)
27. "Car Drives Off" (alternate Segment - Additional music)
28. "Fawkes Heals Harry" (alternate - Additional music)
29. "Television Commercial No 1" (Additional music)
30. "Television Commercial No 2" (Additional music)
31. "Television Commercial No 3" (Additional music)
Side 6
1. "Lumos! (Hedwig's Theme)" (CD6: Harry Potter & The Prisoner Of Azkaban (2004) - The Film Score)
2. "Aunt Marge's Waltz"
3. "Parents' Portrait & The Empty Playground"
4. "The Knight Bus" (extended version)
5. "Monster Book & Discussing Black"
6. "Apparition On The Train" (Film version)
7. "Double Trouble"
8. "Trouble Takes Many Forms"
9. "Rainy Nights, Dementors & Birds"
10. "The Courtyard And Sir Cadogan"
11. "The Hippogriff Lesson"
12. "Befriending The Hippogriff"
13. "Buckbeak's Flight"
14. "The Grim/The Newspaper"
15. "The Boggarts"
16. "On The Bridge/Remembering Mother"
17. "The Portrait Gallery"
18. "The Big Doors & The Great Hall Ceiling"
19. "Page 394 And Quidditch, Third Year"
20. "A Walk In The Woods & Bird's Flight"
21. "The Snowball Fight"
22. "The Three Broomsticks"
23. "Summoning The Patronus"
24. "Buckbeak’s Fate & The Marauder's Map"
25. "About Pettigrew/The Crystal Ball"
26. "The Executioner"
27. "The Walk To Buckbeak"
28. "The Sentence"
29. "Chasing Scabbers"
30. "The Whomping Willow"
31. "Confrontation In The Shrieking Shack"
32. "Sirius & Harry"
33. "The Werewolf Scene"
Side 7
1. "The Dementors Converge" (CD7: Harry Potter &The Prisoner Of Azkaban (2004) - The Film Score - Continued)
2. "Time Past/Saving Buckbeak"
3. "Lupin's Transformation"
4. "Buckbeak Saves The Day/Watching The Past"
5. "The Rescue Of Sirius"
6. "Sirius Says Goodbye/Turning Time Back"
7. "Lupin's Departure"
8. "The Firebolt & End Credits Suite"
9. "The Wizards' Consort" (Source music)
10. "Hogsmeade Candy Box" (Source music)
11. "A Winter's Spell" (Source music)
12. "Lumos! (Hedwig's Theme)" (Additional music)
13. "Aunt Marge's Waltz" (alternate - Additional music)
14. "The Knight Bus" (alternate - Additional music)
15. "Apparition On The Train" (Additional music)
16. "More Grim & Boggarts" (Additional music)
17. "Quidditch, Third Year" (Additional music)
18. "Window To The Past" (Additional music)
19. "Saving Buckbeak" (alternate Segment - Additional music)
20. "Lupin's Transformation" (alternate - Additional music)
21. "Watching The Past" (alternate - Additional music)
22. "The Dementors Circle" (Additional music)
23. "The Patronus Light" (Additional music)
24. "The Patronus Power" (Additional music)
25. "The Dementors Converge" (Additional music)
26. "The Firebolt" (alternate - Additional music)
27. "Teaser" (Additional music)
28. "Trailer" (Additional music)
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in stock $200.18
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