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Fac Dance 02: Factory Records 12" Mixes & Rarities 1980-1987

Format: gatefold 2xLP
Cat: STRUT 098LP
Released: 31 Aug 12
Genre: Indie
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Side 1
1. 52nd Street - "Can't Afford" (Unorganised mix)
2. A Certain Ratio - "The Fox"
3. Minny Pops - "Blue Roses"
Side 2
1. Fadela - "N'Sel Fik"
2. Nyam Nyam - "Fate"
Side 3
1. Section 25 - "Sakura"
2. Biting Tongues - "Meat Mask Separatist"
3. Sir Horatio - "Sommadub"
Side 4
1. Shark Vegas - "You Hurt Me"
2. The Wake - "Host"
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Out of stock $13.81
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By now, we should all know the story of Tony Wilson's ultimately doomed Factory Records imprint; the rags-to-riches-to-rags story of the design-conscious Manchester imprint, excesses and all, has been written many times over. Strut's initial FAC. DANCE compilation, curated with love by walking dance music encyclopedia Bill Brewster and released last year, also documented the label's attempts to court the dancefloor. The first FAC DANCE collection told its story well, focusing not only the hits, but also the underground records that became anthems at the Hacienda and beyond. For every "Love Tempo", "Dirty Disco", "Love On A Hilltop" or "Reach For Love", there was something a little odd, usually from either the Durutti Column or Biting Tongues. It was hardly exhaustive, but then condensing a decade of influential and inspired releases onto two discs is nigh on impossible. It's for this reason - and, we assume, the commercial success of that first volume - that Strut have decided to put together a second volume of Factory dance classics and rarities, FAC DANCE 02. This time, the script is altogether different. With many of the more familiar post-punk and straight-up Factory dance releases previously featured in the first collection, FAC Dance 02 needed to dig deeper. To do that, Strut have recruited former Factory Benelux boss James Nice, a man who knows more about the ins and outs of the Factory back catalogue than most. Over the last few years, his LTM label has lovingly reissued a number of classic, long-forgotten Factory albums from the likes of Quando Quango and A Certain Ratio. FAC Dance 02 might be lacking in stone cold hits or accessible hooks but those seeking these should already have invested in the label's inaugural retrospective or perhaps stick to "Blue Monday". It does however contain some thrilling and genuinely historic music, presented in consummate fashion by an expert on the subject. For that reason alone, it should be essential listening.

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