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record store day 2022
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Format: mixed 5xCD box
Cat: MUS 50512
Released: 02 Jul 15
Genre: Electro House
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ZYX Germany
Side 1
1. Sander Van Doorn - "Joyenergizer" (Falko & Niestolik & Steve Wish mix)
2. Dreiundzwanzig - "Axel F" (Miami Rockers Festival mix)
3. Wildchild - "Maturbass" (original version)
4. Maggie Reilly - "Moonlight Shadow 2k14" (Michael Fall extended version)
5. George Cooper - "Heroes" (original mix)
6. BK Duke - "Hands Off (Pitch Purple)" (original mix)
7. Michael Fall - "Barra Grande" (extended Festival edit)
8. Turbo B - "Last Call For Alcohol" (Falko Niestolik mix)
9. Michael Fall - "Baltazar" (club mix)
10. Dreiundwanzig - "Komodo 2k13" (Kit Da Funk feat Stay Tuned remix)
11. T Moor Rodriguez - "Heroes" (Michael Fall remix edit)
12. Robbie Miraux - "Feel Like A Superstar" (radio club)
13. Bored Men - "Fitting Room" (extended vocal version)
14. FI/CU - "No Cash, No Money" (extended)
15. DJ M!ss Me - "Boyz & Girlz" (Egopunk club mix)
16. Andrea Belli & Joe Rok - "Lighters" (feat Jonny Rose - original radio edit)
Side 2
1. Audiomodelz - "U Got 2 Let The Music" (original mix)
2. Michael Fall - "Treshold" (Festival mix)
3. Kid One - "Rapper's Delight" (feat Bootmasters - Major Tosh remix)
4. Fuego - "El Diablo 2k14" (Falko Niestolik remix)
5. Linda Jo Rizzo - "Stronger Together" (feat Fancy - Michael Fall radio remix)
6. In Strict Confidence - "Morpheus" (Falko Niestolik & BK Duke vocal remix)
7. GOOS - "Abracadabra" (original mix)
8. Fawni - "Chasing Cars" (Dominatorz club mix)
9. Lavika - "Summer" (Michael Fall remix)
10. Experience Of Music - "Move It Mommy" (feat The Outhere Brothers - Frrranz remix edit)
11. Dreiundzwanzig - "Iguana 2k14" (feat Mauro Piccotto - Kit Da Funk feat Stay Tunes remix)
12. George Cooper - "Griffen" (original mix)
13. Wildchild - "Romeo" (original mix)
14. Vengaboys - "2 brazil!" (Like Brazil remix edit)
15. Team Lazy - "Stay In Bed" (Frank DJ & Daniele Sorrenti remix)
16. Gabi Delgado - "Nebelmaschine" (Dreiundzwanzing remix)
Side 3
1. Tosch - "Shooter" (club mix)
2. Chris Excess - "Dreams 2k15" (club mix)
3. Jason Parker meets NaXwell - "Humanoid" (NaXwell mix)
4. Frozen Skies - "When We Are Going" (Immortal Divison remix)
5. Soylent Green & Jason Parker - "Fill Me Up (Again & Again)" (Guenta K & Andy Ztoned remix)
6. Chris Oldman - "Passion" (ACR & Symar remix)
7. Red 5 - "I Love You Stop 2k14" (NaXwell remix)
8. Damon Paul - "Rhythm Is A Dancer" (feat Simone Mangiapane - Festival mix)
9. Botoxx & Tom Belmond - "Good Vibrations" (Harper & Doyle remix)
10. RIHA - "Quotient" (original mix)
11. Kim Kaey - "Leavin' Me" (Bernd Loorbach festival mix)
12. Sunsitive - "Above The Clouds" (Emil Sorous remix)
13. DJ Ti S - "One Day In Your Life" (feat Hannah Brown - Azamathic club remix)
14. Project Blue Sun - "Dance Into The Night" (feat Ascandra - NaXwell remix)
15. Polina Griffith & The Stereo Flow - "It's Not The Same" (Sam Rockwell remix)
Side 4
1. NaXwell - "Magic Melody" (club mix)
2. Damon Paul - "Knight Rider" (Prize & Verdez remix)
3. DJ Sanny - "Alegria" (feat Ice MC & Neon - Frenk DJ & Joe Maker remix)
4. DJ Ti S - "Take On Me" (feat Jeff Ryan - Jason Parkers meets NaXwell rework)
5. Tosch - "EDM" (part 1 - club mix)
6. Jay Outback - "Affenstyle" (Pete Sunset remix)
7. Forza Beatz - "Revolution" (club mix)
8. Charlie Vallely - "You Are Not Alone" (feat Terri B - NaXwell remix)
9. Vortecs - "Ohrbassmus" (Rik & Mik Festival mix)
10. Markus D Ambrosi - "Sex Machine" (feat Tony Davis & Chrisitna Miano - Frank EDG remix)
11. Frozen Skies - "X" (Jon Thomas Anniversary remix)
12. Marcus Zaldano - "Fantasico" (club mix)
13. Carrilo - "Samba De Janiera" (Sam Rockweel remix)
14. Simon Harris - "Bass How Low Can You Go 2k14" (Forza beats remix)
15. Stereo Identity - "The Groove Anthem" (feat Damion Davies - DJ HG aka Housegesit remix)
Side 5
1. JT Project - "Addicted 2 Bass" (feat Ron Ravolta - Jon Thomas club mix)
2. Edlington & NaXwell - "Night To Remember" (NaXwell mix)
3. Miguel & Chris - "By Your Side" (Phil Giava electro mix)
4. Refex - "Let It Go" (Sam Rockwell remix)
5. DJ Backlash & JT Project - "Never Been Honest" (feat Johnny Catch - Jon Thomas radio edit)
6. Leomeo - "When Will I Be Famous" (Famous Noor remix)
7. Tosch - "Fat Drop" (original mix)
8. Pulsemaster DJ Team - "Burn Baby" (feat Mike Van Doorn - Native U edit)
9. The Bombers - "I'm The Devil" (extended)
10. Mark D Ambrosi - "Short Dick Man" (feat Marga Gonzales - NaXwell remix)
11. Semitoo - "Weekend To Begin" (feat michael Blaya - Martin Van Lectro remix)
12. Anthony Simons - "Think About The Way" (feat Anna Beradi - NaXwell remix)
13. Transistor Culture - "Berlin 89" (Electronics Historic Speeches mix)
14. Walter Native - "Day By Day" (feat Jay Jacobs - Sirkhan remix)
15. DJ Ferre & Sammy Love - "We Are Friends" (NaXwell remix)
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Out of stock $11.50
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