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Doepfer A-178 Theremin Control Voltage Source Module

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Theremin module for generating a variable control voltage by approaching / removing hand to / from an antenna. The distance range is about 30-40 cm. Additionally the module is equipped with a Gate output with adjustable threshold level. Controls / Inputs / Outputs: antenna input, offset (knob for zero adjust), 2 x CV out, 2 x LED (for CV control positive / negative and zero offset adjust).

To simulate the original Theremin two A-178, a VCO (e.g. A-110) and a linear VCA (e.g. A-130 or A-132) are required. But of course the A-178 can be used to control other functions in the A-100 (e.g. filter frequency, modulation depth and / or speed, tempo, attack / decay time and so on).

The CV output voltage of the A-178 can range - according to the setting of the front panel controls - from -10V...+10V. The gate output switches from 0V to about +10V.


- Controlling any voltage controlled parameter of the A-100, e.g. pitch or pulsewidth (VCO A-110), loudness (VCA A-130 / 131 / 132), panorama (A-134), filter frequency or resonance (A-120 / 121 / 122 / 123), phasing (A-125), frequency shift (A-126), resonance peaks (A-127), envelope parameters (A-141 / 142), tempo (A-147)

- Triggering of A-100 activities via gate with adjustable threshold, e.g. starting an envelope (A-140 / 141 / 142), Start / Stop of a sequence (A-155), any switching function (A-150 / 151)

- Conversion into MIDI control change messages is possible with the A-192.

If two or more A-178 are used the distance between the modules / antennas should be at least 40-50 cm. Otherwise the antennas may affect each other.

  • Control Voltage source module with Theremin antenna
  • Manipulate control voltage by moving your hand within the antenna''s field (approx. 30cm range)
  • CV output voltage ranges from -10V to 10V, Gate ranges from 0V to about 10V
  • Creative and expressive way to control filter cutoff, modulation amount, wave shaping, or any other CV destination
  • Size: 8HP wide, 40mm deep

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