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Home  DJ Equipment  DJ controllers  Denon DJ  Denon DJ SC LIVE 2 Club-Standard Standalone 2-Deck DJ Controller With Built-In Speakers

Denon DJ SC LIVE 2 Club-Standard Standalone 2-Deck DJ Controller With Built-In Speakers

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DENON DJ - Denon DJ SC LIVE 2 Club-Standard Standalone 2-Deck DJ Controller With Built-In Speakers
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  • World''s first DJ integration with Amazon Music Unlimited streaming service
  • Powered by Engine DJ Standalone OS
  • Club-style layout with built-in Sweep and BPM FX
  • Built-in Wi-Fi for music streaming, cloud access and Engine DJ OS updates
  • 7" HD Touchscreen with multi-gesture support
  • Onboard speakers with independent volume control
  • SD and (2) USB media inputs
  • 6" high-resolution jog wheels
  • Compatible with Serato DJ and Virtual DJ
  • XLR & RCA main output, ¼"microphone input
  • Automatically sync & control DMX, Philips Hue, and Nanoleaf light fixtures
Max Sample Rate (KHz)192
Weight (g)4590
Dimensions (mm)678 x 99 x 391
Power SupplyMains Adapter

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Denon DJ SC LIVE 2 Club-Standard Standalone 2-Deck DJ Controller With Built-In Speakers
Two-deck version of Denon's standalone controller, based on the Engine DJ OS, featuring WiFi streaming and Serato support. Built-in speakers allow quick and easy monitoring for live streaming or practice sessions.

*** Engine DJ 3.1 Performance Software for Hardware (OS) - Update June 2023 ***

New Features

Touch FX - Use the touchscreen to control and interact with FX in a whole new way. Touch FX bring powerful effect combinations to your fingertips. Swipe in any direction to instantly create build-ups, drops, and transitions. The added ability to latch Touch FX allows you to focus on other aspects of your mix while the effect remains active. Touch FX are available for all Engine DJ devices, including Media Players, however, the selection of available Touch FX will vary by the device.

New Touch FX include: Filter Echo, Filter Reverb, Filter Roll, LFO Echo, Filter Dub Echo, Filter Gate, Noise Gate, Flanger, LFO Filter, Filter

New Main FX - Denon DJ devices receive 26 new and updated Main FX. This suite of new dynamic effects provides DJs with easy-to-use tools to build energy, create drama, aid with transitions, and individualize their performances.

New Main FX include: Echo Out, Swell Verb, Hold Echo, Recycler, Stutter Out, Riser, Pitch Down, Scale Down, Reverb, LFO Verb, Reverb Drop, Reverse Reverb, Reverb Rise, Flanger (-), Beat Break, Backspin, Brake, Roll

All effects now offer a Frequency parameter, allowing you to apply the effect to a focused frequency range.

Sampler Updates

Sampler audio can be routed to any available channel or the Main output. To change the Sampler routing, open Settings and choose the Mixer tab.
The Sampler pad mode can now also be accessed by pressing the ROLL pad mode button twice without holding the Shift button. (Denon DJ hardware)
The sampler volume setting is now remembered between power cycles.
Added the ability to read Smartlists created in Engine DJ (Desktop).

Improvements and Fixes

Track Preview can now be routed directly to the headphones for instant track previews without setting the cue source in advance. (PRIME 4)
Reworded Effect parameter reset behavior setting to make it clearer.
Fixed an issue where the Date Added field was incorrectly setting newly added tracks as the day before.
Fixed an issue where the internal SATA drive would not show up as a source immediately after updating.
Fixed an issue where a track remained in the Prepare list when loading to a deck in certain situations.
Improved peak hold behavior on all products that have peak hold VU meters.
Other various stability enhancements & improvements

Engine DJ Preparation Software (Desktop)

New Features

Smartlists - Automatically organize songs from all connected drives into playlists based on the criteria or rules that you specify. To create a Smartlist, click the Smartlist icon on the Collection folder or right-click on an existing Playlist and select 'Create Smartlist'. You can easily turn a Smartlist into a regular playlist by right-clicking the Smartlist and choosing 'Convert to Playlist'. This creates a Playlist with the same name & content as the Smartlist.

Improvements and Fixes

Fixed an issue that prevented the highlighted track from updating when bulk editing metadata.
Fixed an issue where the Date Added field was incorrectly setting newly added tracks as the day before.
Fixed an issue where Serato beat grids were not imported correctly.
Other various stability enhancements & improvements

Supplier's Notes:
Denon DJ, the leader in standalone DJ products and innovation, introduces the SC LIVE 2, a 2-Deck Standalone DJ Controller with 7" touchscreen, built-in speakers, and Wi-Fi connectivity. This club-style, all-in-one device gives DJs ultimate creative freedom and offers the world's first DJ hardware integration with Amazon Music Unlimited.

World's First Amazon Music and Denon DJ Partnership

The Denon DJ SC LIVE DJ controllers were designed using an exclusive secure chipset to meet Amazon Music's streaming requirements, making them the world's first DJ hardware to support Amazon Music Unlimited. This integration with Amazon Music and other popular streaming services gives DJs instant access to over 90 million CD quality (aka "lossless") songs across all musical genres. With the SC LIVE 2's built-in Wi-Fi and lightning-fast onboard song analysis, DJs can now perform a full set without owning or preparing any music ahead of time.

Laptop-Free Performances with Engine DJ OS

The SC LIVE 2 is powered by Engine DJ, the same leading standalone DJ operating system that fuels laptop-free performances on the biggest stages and DJ booths across the globe. This seamless hardware and software integration intuitively places performance essentials in the perfect place for inspirational mixes and live shows.

Ultimate DJ Controller for Serato DJ and Virtual DJ

With "Computer Mode" enabled, the SC LIVE 2 can be used as a dedicated DJ software controller for Serato DJ Lite, Serato DJ Pro, and Virtual DJ. This 1:1 hardware to software integration displays moving waveforms and music library information on the HD touchscreen and provides full access to FX and other top features. This versatility gives DJs multiple options to perform however they prefer.

Designed for Creative Mixing

The SC LIVE 2 gives DJs the power to perform anywhere with 2-deck standalone freedom and wireless access to Amazon Music Unlimited. This combination of performance features and unprecedented musical access opens an exciting new realm of creative mixing possibilities for laptop-free DJ performances. Inheriting the professional club-standard layout, features, and intuitive workflows from Denon DJ's flagship SC6000 PRIME media players and club-style mixers, the SC LIVE 2 fuses the power of the club-ready modular setup into a compact & intuitive 2-deck standalone DJ controller. With its built-in Wi-Fi, 7" multi-gesture touchscreen, and 3 media slots, the SC LIVE 2 unleashes creative live performances using a combination of stored media and music streaming sources.

For on-the-fly creative mixing, the 4 Performance Pads on each deck can be used to control Hot Cue, Roll, Auto Loop, and Manual Loop modes. When the Bank button is pressed, the 4 Performance Pads access pad slots 5-8, allowing a total of 8 Performance Pads on each deck for each Pad Mode option. The onboard effects include 4 Sweep FX which utilize a dedicated knob on each channel to expressively control FX and Filter combinations. The 13 BPM FX options can be customized for extra sonic satisfaction using the FX control section that includes a Channel Assignment switch, Time / Parameter control, FX level encoder, and illuminated engagement button.

Immersive All-In-One Audio Experience

The powerful, built-in speakers offer the perfect sound solution for livestreaming, practicing, content creation, and personal monitoring during live shows. The dedicated volume knob and on / off switch offers full control to meet the needs of any gig, making it easy for DJs to bring the booth with them wherever their career takes them.

Dynamic Lighting Integration

For enhanced performance visuals, the onboard Engine DJ operating system is fully integrated with Engine Lighting. A quick button press allows DJs instant access to automatically beat-synced light shows for songs stored on saved media as well as for streaming tracks. Full parameter controls over color, intensity, strobe, and more can be adjusted on the fly for jaw-dropping light shows using Phillips Hue, Nanoleaf, and DMX lighting.

The fully loaded, fully capable SC LIVE 2 represents the next generation of standalone DJ controllers and is sure to inspire a new era of musical freedom and creativity.

Technical Specs

Frequency Range: 20-20,000 Hz
Sampling Rate: 44.1 kHz
D / A Converter: 24 bit

Physical Unit
Dimensions (W x D x H): 26.7 x 15.4 x 3.9 Inches
Weight: 10.14 lb


Engine DJ OS
Virtual DJ
Serato DJ

SoundSwitch Micro USB to DMX Interface
SoundSwitch Control One Professional Lighting Controller

Onboard Internet Services
Amazon Music Unlimited
SoundCloud GO+

Included Contents
Quick Start Guide
DC Power Supply
USB Cable
Display Cleaning Cloth
Safety & Warranty Manual


Do other Engine DJ products work with Amazon Music Unlimited?

No. A hardware change was needed in order to support this technology.

Does the SC LIVE 2 / 4 work with an Amazon Music Free or Amazon Music Prime account?

No. The SC LIVE 2 / 4 only supports Amazon Music Unlimited.

Amazon Music Unlimited offers 75 million tracks in lossless High Definition (HD) and millions more in Ultra High Definition (Ultra HD). HD tracks are 16-bit audio, with a minimum sample rate of 44.1 kHz (16 / 44.1 is also referred to as CD-quality), and an average bitrate of 850 kbps. Ultra HD tracks have a bit depth of 24 bits, with sample rates ranging from 44.1 kHz up to 192 kHz, and an average bitrate of 3730 kbps.

How many Amazon Unlimited tracks can I stream simultaneously?

Amazon Unlimited allows for up to two tracks to be streamed simultaneously. That includes tracks loaded to decks or previewed from the library.
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Max Sample Rate (KHz)192
Weight (g)4590
Dimensions (mm)678 x 99 x 391
Power SupplyMains Adapter

Denon DJ SC LIVE 2 Club-Standard Standalone 2-Deck DJ Controller With Built-In Speakers


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