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Home  50s/60s/Rock'n'Roll/Rhythm & Blues  Bear Family Germany  Del SHANNON  

Home & Away 1960-1970: The Complete Recordings

SHANNON, Del - Home & Away 1960-1970: The Complete Recordings

Home & Away 1960-1970: The Complete Recordings

Format: 8xCD box
Cat: BCD 15925
Released: 29 Jan 21
Genre: 50s/60s
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Bear Family Germany
Side 1
  1. "The Search" (mono - CD 1: Big Top Recordings)
  2. "I'll Always Love You" (mono)
  3. "Runaway" (mono)
  4. "Jody"
  5. "Hats Off To Larry"
  6. "Don't Gild The Lily, Lily"
  7. "I Wake Up Crying"
  8. "Wide Wide World"
  9. "Misery"
  10. "Daydreams"
  11. "His Latest Flame"
  12. "The Prom"
  13. "Lies"
  14. "He Doesn't Care"
  15. "So Long Baby"
  16. "The Answer To Everything"
  17. "Hey Little Girl"
  18. "I Don't Care Anymore"
  19. "Ginny In The Mirror"
  20. "I Won't Be There"
  21. "You Never Talk About Me"
  22. "Cry Myself To Sleep"
  23. "I'm Gonna Move On"
  24. "The Swiss Maid"
  25. "Dream Baby"
  26. "She Things I Still Care"
  27. "Runaround Sue"
  28. "The Search"
  29. "I'll Always Love You"
  30. "The Search" (Stereo)
  31. "I'll Always Love You" (Stereo)
  32. "Runaway" (Stereo - Different take)
  33. "Hey Little Girl" (Stereo - Without Overdubs)
Side 2
  1. "Little Town Flirt" (CD 2: Big Top Recordings/Berlee/Amy Recordings)
  2. "The Wamboo"
  3. "Two Kinds Of Teardrops"
  4. "Kelly"
  5. "Two Silhouettes"
  6. "My Wild One"
  7. "Happiness"
  8. "Hey Baby"
  9. "Go Away Little Girl"
  10. "From Me Too You"
  11. "Sue's Gotta Be Mine"
  12. "Now She's Gone"
  13. "That's The Way Love Is"
  14. "Time Of The Day"
  15. "Torture" (version No 1)
  16. "Nothin'"
  17. "Froggy"
  18. "Pursuit"
  19. "Mary Jane"
  20. "Stains On My Letter"
  21. "I'll Be Lonely Tomorrow"
  22. "I Can't Fool Around Anymore"
  23. "Handy Man"
  24. "Give Her Lots Of Lovin'"
  25. "Sorry (I Ran All The Way Home)"
  26. "Memphis"
  27. "Ruby Baby"
  28. "Crying"
  29. "World Without You"
  30. "Twist & Shout"
  31. "Torture" (version No2 - instrumental)
Side 3
  1. "Do You Wanna Dance" (mono - CD 3: Amy Recordings)
  2. "This Is All I Have To Give"
  3. "Keep Searchin' (We'll Follow The Sun)"
  4. "Broken Promises"
  5. "Stranger In Town"
  6. "Over You"
  7. "Your Cheatin' Heart"
  8. "Kaw-Liga"
  9. "I Can't Help It"
  10. "Honky Tonk Blues"
  11. "I Heard That Lonesome Whistle"
  12. "You Win Again"
  13. "Ramblin' Man"
  14. "Hey Good Lookin'"
  15. "Long Gone Lonesome Blues"
  16. "Weary Blues"
  17. "I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry"
  18. "Cold Cold Heart"
  19. "Wrong Day, Wrong Way"
  20. "Table Reserved For The Blues"
  21. "Pardon Me I Guess I'm In The Way"
  22. "Queen Of The Honky Tonks"
  23. "Break Up"
  24. "Why Don't You Tell Him"
  25. "She Cried"
  26. "Needles And Pins"
  27. "Do You Wanna Dance" (Stereo)
Side 4
  1. "I Go To Pieces" (CD 4: Amy Recordings/Liberty Recordings)
  2. "I'm Gonna Be Strong"
  3. "Rag Doll"
  4. "Running Scared"
  5. "Move It On Over"
  6. "She Still Remembers Tony"
  7. "I Can't Believe My Ears"
  8. "I Wish I Wasn't Me Tonight"
  9. "The Big Hurt"
  10. "I've Got It Bad (Aka Never Thought I Could"
  11. "Show Me"
  12. "For A Little While"
  13. "Hey Little Star"
  14. "When You Walk In The Room"
  15. "Oh, Pretty Woman"
  16. "Everybody Loves A Clown"
  17. "It's Too Late"
  18. "Where The Action Is"
  19. "Lightning Strikes"
  20. "The Cheater"
  21. "Kicks"
  22. "Under My Thumb"
  23. "She Was Mine"
  24. "Show Me"
  25. "Under My Thumb"
Side 5
  1. "Red Rubber Ball" (CD 5: Liberty Recordings)
  2. "Pied Piper"
  3. "Sunny"
  4. "Time Won't Let Me"
  5. "What Makes You Run"
  6. "I Can't Be True"
  7. "Summer In The City"
  8. "Where Were You When I Needed You"
  9. "The Joker Went Wild"
  10. "She"
  11. "Stand Up"
  12. "The House Where Nobody Lives"
  13. "It's My Feeling"
  14. "Mind Over Matter"
  15. "Silently"
  16. "Cut & Come Again"
  17. "My Love Has Gone"
  18. "Led Along"
  19. "Life Is But Nothing"
  20. "Easy To Say"
  21. "Friendly With You"
  22. "He Cheated"
  23. "Runaway '67"
  24. "Thinkin' It Over"
  25. "The Letter"
  26. "River Cool"
  27. "Colour Flashing Hair"
  28. "Conquer"
Side 6
  1. "New Orleans (Mardi Gras)" (CD 6: Liberty Recordings/ABC-Dunhill Recordings)
  2. "Be My Friend"
  3. "Silver Birch"
  4. "I Think I Love"
  5. "Gemini"
  6. "Runnin' On Back"
  7. "Been So Long"
  8. "Magical Music Box"
  9. "Something To Write Home About"
  10. "Raindrops"
  11. "You Don't Love Me"
  12. "Leavin' You Behind"
  13. "Never Be The Same"
  14. "Comin Back To Me"
  15. "Sweet Mary Lou"
  16. "Colorado Rain"
  17. "How Can I Tell You?"
  18. "Southern Part Of Town"
  19. "She's Got Soul"
  20. "Sister Isabelle"
  21. "Good Love"
  22. "Sun Don't Shine (Drip Drop)"
  23. "Anita (I'm Walking On Fire)"
  24. "Reason To Believe"
  25. "She Even Woke Me Up To Say Goodbye"
  26. "He Cheated (Overdubbed)"
  27. "Raindrops" (with Sound Effects)
Side 7
  1. "Little Oscar" (CD 7: demo Recordings/Pepsi Recordings)
  2. "Living In Misery"
  3. "Angel Of Love"
  4. "Could Be, Can't Tell, Don't Know"
  5. "What's The Use (In Trying)"
  6. "This Feeling Called Love"
  7. "This Is All I Have To Give"
  8. "Everything I Have Is Yours"
  9. "Happiness"
  10. "She's Your Girl"
  11. "One More Time"
  12. "Face Of An Angel"
  13. "Johnny's Got The Blues"
  14. "I Fell In Love With You"
  15. "Condemned To Die" (version No 1)
  16. "I Guess I'll Never Really Know"
  17. "A Girl Of My Own"
  18. "Time Marches On"
  19. "Daydreams"
  20. "Wishing On A Star (Counting Stars At Night)"
  21. "Honey Bee" (version No 1)
  22. "Lies"
  23. "He Doesn't Care"
  24. "The Prom"
  25. "Honey Bee" (version No 2)
  26. "Condemned To Die" (version No 2)
  27. "I'm Gonna Sit Right Down & Cry Over You"
  28. "Runaway"
  29. "Jody"
  30. "One Kiss"
  31. "Pepsi Commercial No 1"
  32. "Pepsi Commercial No 2"
  33. "Pepsi Commercial No 3"
  34. "Pepsi Commercial No 4"
Side 8
  1. "The Things She Said" (CD 8: demo Recordings)
  2. "I Can't Let You Go"
  3. "Just You"
  4. "If She Were My Girl"
  5. "For A Little While"
  6. "This Feeling Called Love"
  7. "It's Funny"
  8. "She"
  9. "Where Is She"
  10. "I've Got Eyes For You"
  11. "Did I See What I Think I Saw"
  12. "Makin's Of A Heartache"
  13. "I'm Going Through It Too"
  14. "Table Reserved For The Blues"
  15. "Pardon Me (I Guess I'm In The Way)"
  16. "Pardon Me"
  17. "The Jury"
  18. "Deep In The Valley"
  19. "I Never Caught Her Name"
  20. "Thunder & Lightning"
  21. "The Wedding (There Goes Billy)"
  22. "Rest Your Mind"
  23. "Lorrayne"
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Out of stock $192.98
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