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Fabric Live 29

Format: mixed CD
Cat: FABRIC 58
Released: 10 Aug 06
Genre: Electro House
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Side 1
1. Joakim - "I Wish You Were Gone"
2. Cut Copy - "Future Unlimited"
3. Munk - "Disco Clown"
4. Who Made Who - "Hello Empty Room"
5. Ny Pony Club - "Get Dancey"
6. In Flagranti - "Bang Bang"
7. Goldfrapp - "Slide In" (DFA remix)
8. Severed Heads - "Dead Eyes Opened" (extended mix)
9. Who Made Who - "Out The Door" (Super Discount remix)
10. Daft Punk - "Face To Face"
11. The Presets - "Truth And Lies"
12. Mstrkrft - "Work On You"
13. Casco presents BWH - "Stop"
14. The Faint - "Your Retro Career Melted" (Ursula 1000 Urgent/Nervous remix)
15. Soulwax - "E Talking" (Tiga's Disco Drama remix)
16. Ciccone Youth - "Into The Groovey"
17. Justice - "Waters Of Nazareth" (Erol Alkan's Durrr Durrr Durrrrrr re-edit)
18. Grauzone - "Eisbar"
19. Riot In Belgium - "The Acid Never Lies"
20. Midnight Juggernauts - "Shadows"
21. Fred Falke - "Omega Man"
22. Daniel Diamond - "Champu"
23. Roxy Music - "Angel Eyes"
24. Cut Copy - "Going Nowhere" (Whitey remix)
25. Cut Copy - "Dream Sequence"
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in stock $5.51
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Like a reality TV star rushing a vanity biography to print, many bands take on a DJ career after making a name for themselves. Cut Copy rise high above the trend on "Fabriclive 29," a dynamic, fresh and conceptual approach to what will surely become a classic DJ mix. The 25 tracks bounce, groove, cut, pound, swell and throb together to form a compilation so infectious, every guitar-strapped indie kid will crave a pair of turntables and vice versa. This could be the soundtrack to the party no one's had the guts to throw, where Nu-wave vocals cling to punky guitar leads and swishy hi hats propel a four-on-the-floor synthetic stomp. Teasing in the scuzziness of Ciccone Youth and Grauzone, while keeping company with Goldfrapp's synthpop and a bottomed-out Justice remix (courtesy of Erol Alkan), Cut Copy engages the iconic 80s sound to dance alongside the filtered, French -Touch sounds of today. Brimming with foxy vocals, carefree and playful but never too kitsch, the mix frees sweetened space pop from any dancefloor confinements. The climbing basslines could make disco heels plod, tattooed arms flail and slicked rocker heads bang, each lost to the sounds of overdriven distortion panning from one ear to the next. The catchy mix is so bright - neon even - you'll find yourself madly in love, whether your heart lies in the disco or garage.

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