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VARIOUS - Brainbox


Brainbox (1 per customer)

Format: numbered heavyweight vinyl 6xLP + insert limited to 300 copies
Cat: ASGDE 011
Released: 18 Nov 16
Genre: Experimental/Electronic
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Out of stock $72.25
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Side 1
1. In Sync - "Crack In The World" (10:12)
2. John Beltran - "Nineteen Eighty Nine" (5:09)
Side 2
1. B12 - "Worlds End" (6:10)
2. Seba - "Ryu-ki" (8:19)
Side 3
1. Move D & Dman - "Redundanz & Aufmerksamkeit" (6:08)
2. Leo Anibaldi - "Panacea" (7:04)
Side 4
1. Deepchord - "Citrus & Wood" (11:35)
Side 5
1. As One - "Where Did He Go...& Why" (7:51)
2. Scanner - "Eros" (6:14)
Side 6
1. The Future Sound Of London - "Obollis" (4:32)
2. As One - "Where Did He Go...& Why" (Heinrich Mueller Lamb Shift Model) (4:33)
3. As One - "Where Did He Go...&Why" (Plaid remix) (4:39)
Side 7
1. Nu Era - "The North View" (5:56)
2. Total Science - "Winds Of Change" (8:32)
Side 8
1. Spacetime Continuum - "Tri Decagon" (5:47)
2. PFM - "Aspirations" (9:07)
Side 9
1. Mike Dred - "Gate Of Origin" (7:30)
2. David Morley - "Mode 90" (5:48)
Side 10
1. Robert Leiner - "Psalm 101" (7:37)
2. Cristian Vogel - "Edit Out Wanky Solo" (7:02)
Side 11
1. O - "Fermionit" (5:49)
2. Meat Beat Manifesto - "Synthesizer Test" (5:52)
Side 12
1. U-Ziq - "Lilt N'Vectif" (4:04)
2. Locust - "Dispelling 84-94" (4:30)
3. Speedy J - "Halvemaan" (6:09)
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Out of stock $72.25

Here's something to get the juices flowing: a six-vinyl box set containing a wealth of new and previously unreleased material from some of the most revered names in electronic music. Given the names on show - think Speedy J, Spacetime Continuum, Future Sound of London, B12, Scanner, Move D and Meat Beat Manifesto, for starters - it was clearly inspired by the 'intelligent techno' movement of the early-to-mid '90s. Naturally, that sort of intergalactic gear dominates throughout, alongside inspired trips into the worlds of spacey drum & bass, dub techno, ambient and Motor City futurism. The quality threshold is high throughout, helped by the fact that some of the material on show has lay dormant on DAT tapes since the 1990s.

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