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autumn flash sale

Vol 4 (Super Deluxe Edition)

BLACK SABBATH - Vol 4 (Super Deluxe Edition)

Vol 4 (Super Deluxe Edition)


Format: 5xLP box set + book + poster
Cat: 405053 8644449
Released: 12 Feb 21
Genre: Metal
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in stock $114.63
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Side 1
1. "Wheels Of Confusion/The Straightener" (LP1: Vol 4 - remastered) (7:46)
2. "Tomorrow's Dream" (3:09)
3. "Changes" (4:42)
4. "FX" (1:39)
5. "Supernaut" (4:29)
Side 2
1. "Snowblind" (5:24)
2. "Cornucopia" (3:51)
3. "Laguna Sunrise" (2:49)
4. "St Vitus' Dance" (2:27)
5. "Under The Sun/Every Day Comes & Goes" (5:53)
Side 3
1. "Wheels Of Confusion/The Straightener" (LP2: outtakes, New mixes, alternative takes, False-Starts & Studio Dialogue) (8:12)
2. "Changes" (3:02)
3. "Supernaut" (4:09)
4. "Snowblind" (5:01)
Side 4
1. "Laguna Sunrise" (0:42)
2. "Under The Sun" (instrumental) (1:30)
3. "Wheels Of Confusion" (False-Start with Studio Dialogue) (4:10)
4. "Wheels Of Confusion" (alternative take 1) (4:04)
5. "Wheels Of Confusion" (alternative take 2) (5:14)
6. "Wheels Of Confusion" (alternative take 3) (5:19)
Side 5
1. "Wheels Of Confusion" (LP3: alternative takes, False-Starts & Studio Dialogue Continued - alternative take 4) (5:32)
2. "The Straightener" (outtake) (3:14)
3. "Snowblind" (take 1 - Incomplete) (3:10)
4. "Supernaut" (outtake) (5:28)
Side 6
1. "Supernaut" (alternative takes with False-Starts) (7:03)
2. "Under The Sun" (False-Start with Studio Dialogue) (7:03)
3. "Under The Sun" (alternative take with Guide vocal) (7:03)
Side 7
1. "Tomorrow's Dream" (LP4: live In The UK 1973) (3:23)
2. "Sweet Leaf" (5:40)
3. "War Pigs" (7:46)
Side 8
1. "Snowblind" (5:03)
2. "Killing Yourself To Live" (5:57)
3. "Cornucopia" (4:59)
Side 9
1. "Wicked World: Guitar Solo/Orchid /Into The Void/Sometimes I'm Happy" (LP5: live In The UK 1973 Continued) (20:03)
Side 10
1. "Supernaut/Drum Solo" (3:04)
2. "Wicked World" (reprise) (2:41)
3. "Embryo" (0:24)
4. "Children Of The Grave" (4:55)
5. "Paranoid" (5:16)
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in stock $114.63
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How can heavy metal-ers not get excited about this one? While sporting a pretty serious price tag, this Super Deluxe edition of Black Sabbath's seminal fourth album is certainly one for the collectors, who will delight in the 11 additional studio recordings featured in the huge amount of bonus material here, which include snippets of studio dialogue, false starts and more rough around the edges nuances that bring the work to life.

As for the LP itself, it was something of a landmark moment in the band's journey - shifting the intensity and ferocity up at least three gears and then sticking a brick on the throttle to hold it in place. Perhaps Mojo's take on things puts it best; ""If booze and dope had helped fuel Sabbath's earlier albums, Vol. 4 is their cocaine ... Despite their spiraling addictions, musically Vol. 4 is another ambitious outing". Enough said.

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