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The Sleeping Bag Records Anthology

Format: unmixed 3xCD
Cat: HURTXCD 132
Released: 15 Jul 15
Genre: Disco/Nu-Disco
Side 1
1. Class Action - "Week End" (feat Chris Wiltshire - Larry Levan original 12" mix)
2. Dinosaur L - "Clean On Your Bean #1" (Francois K original 12" mix)
3. Jamaica Girls - "Somebody New" (Larry Levan original 12" mix)
4. Sound Of JHS 126 Brooklyn - "Chill Pill" (Killer Whale Under Water original 12" mix)
5. Felix - "Tiger Stripes" (Hippy Torales Jr original 12" mix)
6. Dinosaur L - "In The Corn Belt" (Larry Levan original 12" mix)
7. Indian Ocean - "Treehouse/School Bell" (original club 12" mix)
8. Clandestine - "Radio Rhythm (SIGNALSMART)" (feat Ned Sublette - NS & Killer Whale 12" dub mix)
9. Bonzo Goes To Washington - "5 Minutes" (CCC original club 12" mix)
10. Konk - "Your Life" (original party 12" mix)
11. Dinosaur L - "Go Bang!" (Walter Gibbons unreleased 12" mix)
Side 2
1. Joyce Sims - "Come Into My Life" (Mantronix original 12" mix)
2. Mantronix - "Fresh Is The Word" (with MC Tee - Mantronix & John Poppo original 12" mix)
3. Nocera - "Let's Dub" (Little Louie Vega original 12" mix)
4. Cash Money & Marvelous - "The Mighty Hard Rocker" (DJ Cash Money original 12" mix)
5. Mantronix - "Ladies" (Mantronix original 12" mix)
6. Too Badd - "Cumin' Up" (Courtney & Tracy original 12" mix)
7. Tricky Tee - "Johnny The Fox" (Mantronix original 12" mix)
8. Ann-Marie - "With Or Without You" (Little Louie Vega & Todd Terry original dub mix 11 12" mix)
9. Mikey D & The LA Posse - "Comin' In The House" (Paul C original 12" mix)
10. Solid Posse - "It's Alright Now" (original club 12" mix)
11. Mantronix - "Bassline" (Mantronix original 12" mix)
12. Ann-Marie - "Just Waiting For You" (original master dub 12" mix)
13. Joyce Sims - "(You Are My) All & All" (Mantronix original Take Twelve 12" mix)
14. Mantronix - "Who Is It?" (Mantronix original UK 12" mix)
Side 3
1. Dhar Braxton - "Jump Back (Set Me Free)" (Jhon Fair & Robert Cliviles original club 12" mix)
2. Kariya - "I Can't Wait" (Bob & Jerry original club 12" mix)
3. Joe Church - "I Can't Wait For Too Long (To Let Somebody Love You)" (Chep Nunez & Ray Gaskins original club 12" mix)
4. Tafuri - "What Am I Gonna Do (About Your Love)" (Silkon Steel original 12" mix)
5. Richard Valentine - "Come Back Lover" (Robert Cliviles & David Cole original 12" mix)
6. Nicole - "Happinesss" (Frankie Knuckles original club 12" mix)
7. Dubb Clubb - "Stay With You" (original club 12" mix)
8. Nocera - "Summertime Summertime" (Mantronix original club 12" mix)
9. Chocolette - "Tell Me That You Like It" (Bruce Forrest original party 12" mix)
10. Raiana Paige - "Open Up Your Heart" (Andy 'Panda' Tripoli & Hugo Dwyer original club 12" dance mix)
11. Ecstacy - "Don't Play Me Raw" (House In Effect original 12" mix)
12. Kariya - "Let Me Love You For Tonight" (original house club 12" mix)
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Having previously put together seriously good retrospectives for Fresh Records, Sam Records and Easy Street Records, Bill Brewster turns his attention to another seminal New York imprint of the 1980s - Arthur Russell, William Socolov and Juggy Gales' eccentric Sleeping Bag Records. Over the course of its 11 year lifespan, Sleeping Bag moved between dancefloor-friendly genres at will, a facet that Brewster has wisely chosen to celebrate over three discs. So, while there are disco and boogie bangers - Class Action, Dinosaur L', Joyce Sims, Konk etc - we're also treated to dubbed-out beatbox electro (Sound of JHS 126 Brooklyn, Mantronix), freestyle (Nocera, Ann-Marie), bumpin' hip-hop (Cash Money, Mikey D & The LA Posse), proto-house and, of course, early NYC house (Kariya).

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I Love Disco!

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