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The Fresh Records Anthology

Format: unmixed 3xCD + photos
Cat: HURTXCD 134
Released: 21 Apr 15
Genre: Disco/Nu-Disco
Side 1
1. Chandra Simmons - "Never Gonna Let You Go" (original club 12" Mix)
2. The Todd Terry Project - "Bango (To The Batmobile)" (original Todd Terry club bang 12" mix)
3. Hanson & Davis - "Hungry For Your Love" (original Hanson & Davis dub 12" mix)
4. Cyre - "Last Chance" (original Jose ‘Animal’ Diaz Last cub 12" mix)
5. The Todd Terry Project - "Weekend" (original Todd Terry club 12" remix)
6. Hanson & Davis - "I’ll Take You On" (original Larry Levan dub 12" mix)
7. The Todd Terry Project - "Just Wanna Dance" (original Todd Terry Cclub 12" mix)
8. El Barrio - "Across 110th Street" (original Eddie ‘Love’ Arroyo Barrio 12" mix)
9. Hanson & Davis - "Come Together" (original Timmy Regisford dub 12" mix)
10. The Todd Terry Project - "Back To The Beat" (original Todd Terry club 12" mix)
11. Hanson & Davis - "Tonight" (original Hanson & Davis/Timmy Regisford dub 12" mix)
12. Chandra Simmons - "We Can Dance" (original Manhattan club 12" mix)
13. Hanson & Davis - "Can’t Stop" (original vocal dub 12" mix)
Side 2
1. Just Ice - "Put That Record Back On" (original Mantronik 12" mix)
2. Just Ice - "Latoya" (original Biggy Rat & Itchy Brother 12" mix)
3. Just Ice - "Cold Getting Dumb" (original Mantronik 12" mix)
4. Just Ice - "Back To The Old School" (original album mix)
5. Just Ice - "Turbo Charged" (original album mix)
6. Just Ice - "Love Story" (original album mix)
7. Just Ice - "Moshitup" (original album mix)
8. T La Rock - "Back To Burn" (original Mantronik 12" mix)
9. T La Rock - "This Beat Kicks" (original club 12" mix)
10. T La Rock - "He’s Incredible" (original club 12" mix)
11. T La Rock - "Breaking Bells" (original Mantronik 12" mix)
12. T La Rock - "T La Rock Rockin The Party" (original club 12" mix)
13. T La Rock - "It’s Time To Chill" (original album mix)
14. T La Rock - "I’m Getting Mine" (original album mix)
15. T La Rock - "It’s Yours" (original Todd Terry 12" radio remix)
16. T La Rock - "Lyrical King (From The Boogie Down Bronx)" (original album mix)
Side 3
1. EPMD - "It’s My Thing" (original Charlie Marotta club 12" mix)
2. Stezo - "To The Max" (original radio 12" mix)
3. Todd Terry Project - "Made By The Man" (original album mix)
4. EPMD - "You’re A Customer" (original album mix)
5. Stezo - "Bring The Horns" (original album mix)
6. Nice & Smooth - "Funky For You" (original 12" mix)
7. EPMD - "Strictly Business" (original EPMD club 12" mix)
8. Stezo - "It’s My Turn" (original radio 12" mix)
9. Nice & Smooth - "More & More Hits" (original 12" mix)
10. EPMD - "You Gots To Chill" (original album mix)
11. MC EZ & Troup - "Just Rhymin'" (original 12" mix)
12. 12:41 - "Succe$$ I$ The Word" (original Mantronik 12" mix)
13. Nice & Smooth - "Dope Not Hype" (original album mix)
14. EPMD - "So Wat Cha Sayin'" (original EPMD Club 12" mix)
15. MC EZ & Troup - "Get Retarded" (original 12" mix)
16. EPMD - "It Wasn't Me It Was The Fame" (original album mix)
17. Stezo - "Freak The Funk" (original album mix)
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In some ways, New York's Fresh Records was always an odd label. A subsidiary of Arthur Russell's Sleeping Bag Records that was initially set up in 1985 to release hip-hop, A&R man Kurtis Mantronik quickly widened its' remit to include electro, freestyle and, later, house. This expansive three-disc anthology from crate-digger Bill Brewster tells the story of the imprint's eight-year history, beginning with a disc of bona fide dancefloor jams (focusing mostly on freestyle and house gear from Todd Terry and Hanson & Davis cuts). Discs two and three focus on the label's arguably better-known hip-hop history, showcasing the work of Fresh staples EPMD, Just Ice, T La Rock, Stezo and Nice & Smooth.

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